What I do

Guiding and encouraging you to choose a life of authenticity, through Spiritual Direction.

Hi, I’m Dedra!


I work with people that are searching for a space to explore or deepen their relationship with God in a shame/guilt-free environment, sometimes much different from their learned faith experience. I am passionate about walking alongside people struggling with grief, trauma, transitions of any kind. I work with people that are spiritually curious, restless or uncertain. 

Through 1:1 non denominational, enneagram informed, trauma sensitive spiritual direction, I listen deeply as we create a safe place for hard, curious and beautiful exploration.

I am a holy companion as you journey toward a deeper knowing of yourself and a drawing in toward God. 

Happy Notes

We all have a personal journey. Sometimes our spiritual paths are filled with clarity and we can see forward, other times the path is hard to see, distinquish or even find. Spiritual Direction should be a place that allows you to rest and hear from God.

The Enneagram is an ancient personality typing system with a supernatural accuracy in describing how human beings are wired, both positively (LIGHT) and negatively (SHADOW). I have heard it said A LOT lately that ignorance is bliss until you begin to become self-aware.

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