Important things…

It’s been several months since my last post…. I so apologize.  My blogging for Dummies is collecting dust as life has wizzed by me.  My sweet teenagers and new responsibilities at work have kept me hopping.  One of my dearest friends and her husband ( I love him too….) just married off their eldest daughter.  I was honored to help out in a small way during the weekend.  It was a beautiful ceremony and Sarah looked so wonderful… Chandler was quite smashing…  But here’s what I got to thinking about…what’s most important is the giving and serving one another.  The working along side people who are authentic and kind.  The giving without strings… and the generosity of our hearts.  That’s what God is glorified by most.  Unselfish hearts and willing service.  I saw it in so many this weekend that helped.  My heart was overwhelmed and honored to work alongside them.  So blessings to Sarah and Chandler as they make their way with God on this life road!  And blessings to my friends who are amazing. 

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