Externally, things are great.  I have a wonderful family (all kids are healthy and relatively happy …they are teenagers…)100_2037,
am married to a solid guy, have a great job, plenty of money, good friends… you know.  Things are great.

Internally, though, it doesn’t feel so great.  Dealing with trying to get healthier inside my physical body has opened up the need to become healthier in my spiritual body.  A little over a year ago, I stepped aside from a job that sucked up my energy and strength and stepped aside from all volunteer activities to focus on my family.  I have recovered from the "lack of joy" stage, but find myself in the status quo stage while yearning for time with Him… complete unabashed worship, quiet and study time with Him.  Unfortunately, what my spirit is longing for is not what my life has time for.  I am a mom to three teenagers, wife, daughter to an elderly parent that needs/demands attention… and a full time Executive Assistant. 

Then, here’s the thing, our small group got our next book called Crazy Love by Francis Chan last night.

I have already read the intro and first chapter this morning… watched the videos and just sat.  My friend Cathy said the coolest thing last night.. "  All God wants from us is for us to just come to Him.  God does the rest. "  ONCE again, I am trying to remind myself to just keep going to Him and let Him to the rest and stop wanting to do it for Him.  So… I’m going to keep standing and listening.  I am going to try to stop doing and wanting things to change and for things to happen.

Thanks Francis, Thanks Small Group, Thanks Cathy, Thanks God.  You all Rock.

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