Merry Christmas

Christmas tree 

Just wanted to take a few minutes and wish everyone a Merry Christmas from the Herod Family to your family!  I am sitting at my desk trying to make myself dive head first into Blogging for Dummies 101 and learning more about twittering..  I am loving the connections that have been made and re-made through Facebook and have been quite remiss in my blog posting.  So from our front den, to yours, Merry Christmas! 

And in the words of my Pastor, Jimmy Aycock, "Christmas is all about the expression of the the love of God. 

  • The greatest giver – God
  • The greatest motive – Love
  • The greatest need – The World
  • The greatest action – He Gave
  • The greatest gift – The Son
  • The greatest invitation – Whosoever believes
  • The greatest opportunity – Should not perish
  • The greatest blessing – Everlasting life.


How will you celebrate Christmas?  Focusing on ourselves, or focusing on Jesus?" 


May you all experience the greatest expression of God's love for us all. 

The birth of Jesus Christ. 

Until, next time!

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