Better late than never…

We had a really great long Christmas/New Year's break.  I took some time and tried to accomplish some unfinished projects around the house.  I was somewhat successful! The Scrapbook Corner

I have all the scrapbooking tools known to man and have purchased many kits. But am just overwhelmed with the enormity of beginning to scrapbook chronologically.  I got everything organized and then just sat there on Google Reader.  Love me some of that Google Reader!  I started following Cathy Zieslke cause she is entirely too funny and wouldn't you know that I read THIS! I was immediately stunned… and enrolled in LOM.  I can not wait!  Class starts next week. :-)  I was, however, quite disappointed as I began to shop for one of my needed items for LOM.  I could not find this anywhere…

If you look really closely at the first picture, you will see that my frustration and fear was for not….because I already had a copy of Stacy's book and didn't even know it!   Gotta love consumerism.  So I am set.  I have even received my Welcome packet!


I'm ready to make some memories, remember old ones and just have fun!

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