That conversation I promised you on my disdain for DR…..

Let me just begin this post with a disclaimer:  I DON'T really disdain Dave Ramsey or Financial Peace.  I like him alot, agree with his program and M and I have used it for several years.

M and I have taken Financial Peace and facilitated it numerous times.  Recently, our church launched a church wide initiative to take FPU together.  M & I along with the K's are facilitating our small group on Wednesday nights.  Most of the small group have been through FPU before and were less than pleased to have to go through it again.  (We didn't have to BUT, we were strongly encouraged.. comprehendo?) So… we are just past week 4… which is the DEBT SNOWBALL week.  He talks about attacking your consumer debt after completing Baby step 1 which is establishing your emergency savings fund.  Here I am thinking that M and I are doing well… we are debt free, living pretty well, facing three teenagers in college AT THE SAME TIME within 2.5 years, and still have most of our hair and wits.  I have been thinking that we are just facilitating and we will be blessed with some added bonus material that we didn't get back in the day before DR beefed up his videos!


I am so MAD!  Cause… DR is right.  DANG him! :-)  M & I are slowly eeking back into debt.  NOT bad… but MAN!  We purchased my Odyssey because my 1990 Villager died….on credit.  We just recently paid for my mom's oral surgery and partial replacement with my 0% credit card until my siblings could participate in the payment process, and then DING DING DING!  Our oldest teen was involved in a pretty serious car accident and totaled his car.  We had another decision to make…buy him a klunker… cause that is what it would have been with the insurance settlement payment.. or purchase him a vehicle to get him through college…praying the whole time he will GET A JOB! 🙂

And wouldn't you know… after we got home last Wednesday night, M said, "So, what did you think of the video?"  I SHOULD HAVE SHUT MY MOUTH!  But, NO…. I whipped around in my desk chair to face him and I said… wait… really…. wait for it!…:-) "I think that we should pay off the debt with GAZELLE intensity and get back to where we were a couple of years ago.  I think we should get back to the basics."  JUST hit me know!

DR is right… he is… and peace and security come by following his program and principles.  I JUST don't LIKE HIM RIGHT NOW!  Hmmph!

We spent the entire weekend, talking, fighting and not talking about finances and it is ALL my fault.  I did just say that.  IT's all MY fault.  M is a wonderful provider and saver.  I AM THE FREE SPIRIT! I am the one that spends too much and contributes to impulse buying more than M does.  It's my fault, because he actually agreed with me and listened to me on this one.  DARN IT!  It did not help that we missed the fact that we loose Child Tax Credit after kiddos turn 16 as M did our taxes this weekend.

I'm trying really hard to get over myself… cause self is what I need to get over dontchaknow!  It's the right decision for our family, except it is not fun.  AT ALL… until you get to the point of peacefulness.  I don't forsee that happening for about 8.5 years.  Did I mention 3 teenagers in college at the same time? :-)  I am SO happy that I love peanut butter and jelly.  I love them to pieces and want the brightest future for them..which includes a debt free exit from college. Or so we are hoping.

We are in the same boat as most people.  Middle income family, tithing on everything that God blesses us with, saving for emergencies, and working on saving more after we pay off the debt….

So… the new computer (MacBook Pro) might wait, the recovered chair might wait, and other items we are wanting will wait.  AND MY BIG OLE SELF CAN WAIT!  HARRUMPH! Mean ole, right Dave Ramsey!

P.S. I completely agree with Joanne at The Simple Wife .

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