Keeping the long road in my vision….

Just finished week 5 of WW Sunday. (If you haven't been able to tell that there is a pattern forming here… there is.  Financial and Physical Health for 2009…) I tried really hard last week to be a good girl.  I even planned what I was going to eat on my date with M to Rosie's on Friday.  I beat the elliptical up like a mad woman!  I stored up 20 miles on that darn machine!  Guess what?  This did not move…


I am trying to focus on the long road ahead.. that loosing 60 lbs. (yep, you heard me) won't happen over night and not even in 5 weeks!  I'm trying not to get discouraged! Really…

A friend of mine said that he thought I had something to prove last week by beating up the elliptical 5 out of 7 days.  I did… kinda.  I wanted to kick start this OLD metabolism and move some flubbage.  I wanted to prove that I could loose weight by doing the right things, diet AND exercise.  But I also proved to myself that I can NOT DO THIS ALONE.  I was leaving someone out of the mix.  That would be, yep, my Jesus.  He and I had a long chat Sunday.  I was still licking my wounds yesterday and fighting off a cold and feeling sorry for myself… that road seems awful long and hard.  But, this morning I am back at it.. beating up that elliptical and remaining on track through Weight Watchers.  Their online tools are AMAZING… really, could not be as effective without them.

So tell me, how do you stay on track?  How do you stay motivated?  I would love to hear it!

Here's praying that just one little pound comes off this week.  Oh… and yeah… I only wish I weighed what it says on the digital read out on that scale.  I think I weighed that in like 6th grade!  Geez!

Lobs to ya,


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