A wonder….

Happy Friday!  I wanted to tell you about a little wonder…E-MEALZ!


These sweet sisters have been a part of my life now for just over 2 years…


Jenny Cochran and Jane DeLaney started a company called e-Mealz in 2003.  Born out of their love for God and love of family dinner times as well as born out of their frustration over meal planning came e-Mealz!  It's a wonder I tell you.  I have used it somewhat faithfully for the past two years and just started to hit it hard again.  It's easy!  For just $5.00 a month I get a new 7-day meal plan every Friday complete with shopping list.  It averages about $1.25 a week and can be specialized to store/weight reduction/diet restrictions/amount of family members.  Get the picture?  I really can't say enough about this service.  It takes the stress out of meal planning for me and it is sweet to the pocket book.  Tonight?  I have in the crockpot right  this moment… Cowboy Stew.  YUMMY!  Cornbread is in the oven.  Easy shmeezy!  Cause they do all the testing, planning, organizing for me.  I just download the menu, plan the days we will eat what meal and then go shopping in my pantry.  I mark off what I have on hand and shop for the rest.  I am really hoping to knock down the grocery expenses by following it pretty closely.

So!  Go visit their site and check it out.  Tell them Dedra sent you!SAVE TIME AND MONEY WITH E-MEALZ MEAL PLANS



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  1. This looks super neat! I wish I could use it here but it looks like it would be using a lot of convenience items we just don’t get here. Heavy sigh…. Ah well, maybe someday!!
    Smooches, your sistah!!

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