Every other Friday… brings me joy

I just have a minute, but I wanted to jump on here and share with you what is happening in our house tonight and what happens every other Friday night.  About 6 teenage girls descend upon our home for a Bible Study, junk food, laughter, fellowship, prayer and His Presence.  These girls are just too funny and so wise, I think I am more blessed or learn more from them then they do from me at times.  It certainly keeps me humble.  Aren't they cute?

My girls...

There is one Brantley missing but here she is…


 … and Kristin moved :-(  .. and Neha is of another faith… but basically, this is the Friday night crew!   I just love them so…

We are currently going through a Bible Study written by my friend, Pam Gibbs who is on staff at LifeWay.  She totally rocks ( I am not biased at all! ) and is the Girls' Minstry Specialist!  If you have teen girls in your life, you should pick up a copy of Esther: The Role of a Lifetime


It has meant alot to all of us and will be a forever treasure to these gals hearts!  I can't say enough about feeding His Word back into the younger generations and just being real.  It matters more than you could possibly imagine.  Have a good Friday!  On to some Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Girl Scout Cookies!




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