Had a wonderful day catching up with "little" details and just resting.  Twins went to a conference that was so helpful to them as young women.  Teen/Man got his life back as he knows it to be.  Hubs and I had a wonderful chat about finances and the next week.  Intention is the key.  Gazelle Intensity (grrrss).  Talked to mom..  some Bible Study done.. meals made, meals planned.  (its not hard with my e-mealz girls on deck).

Such a joy to curl up and watch a great movie with the fam. Not many more days that we get to do that all together before the younguns move on up and out, so I am treasuring the pure and utter joy of being blessed with my loved ones near and far and for my most Amazing Father in Heaven.

Living more simply, purposeful and Christ focused… is pouring out riches beyond measure.  Let's pray that I stay connected to the Vine…you know us branches can get a tad unruly at times.

Have a peaceful, joyful Sabbath!


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