A week of lasts…

Where did this week go?  I have thought about tons of things to say all week, but have been in the midsts of lots of lasts this week.

  • The last small group Women's Bible Study at my house on Monday… more news to come on the changes.
  • The last Winter Biotech 101 class on Tuesday.  Next session to begin in September 2009.  We had the best class and I will miss them dearly, but am so glad to have my Tuesday nights back.
  • The last time we eat at church on Wednesday nights.  Hubs and I decided since he and I are watching our figures and don't eat there anyway that we should save the $$ and I would crockpot something every week.
  • The last time I have a child in braces.  Youngest teen had her braces removed on Thursday. 2 years and thousands of dollars later… the twins are done.  We will miss our fabulous orthodontist and his team.
  • The last time I can say that my oldest teen and man child will not sing in public.  He has a solo tonight at Dessert Night Out at Asbury at 6:30 p.m.  And to think I had to MAKE him go back to choir.  Who knew.?… Come join us tonight for lots of fun/desserts and it is free! Unless you would like to donate some $$ for the Christ Choir Mission Trip.

I am looking forward to some new beginnings and warmer weather!  This getting older and having older kids is just plain WEIRD!


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