Just because of the humdrums last week…

Last week was rough.  We had something every night of the week.  Either it was my last Stepping Up Bible Study, work for me or small group FPU'ing it, or Dessert Night Out set up/State Band Assessment, Dessert Night Out, baking… blah blah blah.  You get the picture. 

So on Wednesday of last week, I was trying to catch up with my blog reading and read this from my friend, big mama Edition 52: Fashion Friday .  Yes, I know, I was a few days behind, but I just love me some Melanie. She taught me how to tie a scarf after all! Edition 47: Fashion Friday .  ANYHOO!  It seems to be somewhat of a pattern for me to buy a pick me up when I am humdrumming it.  Not a great example of self control, I know, but I am HUMAN afterall.  I fell off the workout wagon last week because of plain sheer burn out.  I did manage to get 2 days of work out in… but not 5.  It does not help the envelope.  (Thanks Dave)  I am in the red… but is there anyway I can justify this? 



$35.80 which included SHIPPING!  and it arrived today! WOOOT WOOT!  Please go visit them.  They are closing up shop and have lots of cute purses to sell!   Primopurses

I feel so much better! and what is that about anyway.. that a cute new purse would make me happy and motivate me?  I have too much stuff anyway.

I suppose that by sharing that I was standing in my closet frustrated about being in between sizes and not wanting to buy any new clothes is part of the justification? 

Oh, heck.  I just love my new purse!  So shoot me.



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