in the midst of everything

It's been a weird spring break… Hubs is in Europe on business, I have to work some this week ya know! and kids are just randomly trying to find things to keep them occupied.  That is what happens when they get older… teens randomly do things.   It has not helped a single bit that I started last weekend off with a sinus and ear infections.  Starting to feel almost normal.. but what is normal exactly?

But in the midst of everything feeling out of sorts and sickly, she still loves me!


This is what was staring at me this morning as I got ready for work.  She wanted to eat, play and really was curious as to why the girls were not home. I tried to explain to her that they were at grandma's… but she was not taking no for an answer.  I played for a bit and then had to say goodbye.  Oy, the guilt!

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