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Headed to Troy University this morning!  You heard me.  You have probably heard me talk about the oldest college shopping and since we have seen a large and small campus… it is time to visit a medium sized campus.  Troy looks to be a really great location and it seems to be a pretty campus.  Here is hoping that they all get along today and that there are no mishaps or irritations along the way. 

I am praying that the visit is productive and positive.  I don't especially like the weird feeling it leaves me with, but then again… I hear that the empty nest thing just happens whether you are ready or not!

Read some really interesting things on Viki's blog that you might consider taking a look at.  Left me perplexed.  I should just say.

Also have been praying for these two families if you care to join in with me. Evan Andrew  and  Allen & Courtney  Pray that God's grace and mercy along with His healing touch will pour out over them.  My heart just breaks!

And jumped on this wagon a little late but should I just say… God is amazing?  There is still time to join in if you care to!  Without Wax.tv

Don't know about ya'll but the life season change is definitely interesting!

Happy Friday!


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