TGIF… not original, I know!

I am so glad to be feeling better!  I promise… so excited to feel almost normal, I actually fixed the kiddos breakfast this morning and ONLY had one biscuit. YAY me..(in the words of my friend, Debra).


I cleaned the kitchen, fed the dog, took out the trash and picked up the house!  Not tooting my own horn, but usually these are teen chores and they had an early start this morning because B had a Spanish 2 test at 7:10!  I feel so much better I did not mind or grumble about helping out!

I am also so happy cause it is Fashion Friday and Big Mama's blog entry is the BOMB!  Love to shop or just look!

How are you?  What is happening in your neck of the woods?  I feel as if I have been stuck in a hole for a couple of weeks!

It however has not kept me from completely the GG Series with B&L… and it was so much fun but oh so sad to get to the end finally!  I just love that show!  We are going to go back and watch all the extras now… sigh.

But will all the sickliness, I have gotten off the work out band wagon and not been so intense with WW as I had been.  SO … back to the grind stone.  I was going to go back to the ellip on Monday.. but G and I are hitting AUBURN for War Eagle Day!  I know, more of the whole getting ready to send them off season.  But hey! at least I will get my exercise in. And I have only gained 1 lb. back.  I am guessing that the Thank You Mexican Buffet with Ice Cream Bar did not help this afternoon.

Hubs is home for now.  So good to have him in the same house for longer than 24 hours.  We have a little while to enjoy before he takes off again in April.

Looking forward to a Color and Cut with Anna tomorrow along with shopping with the girls for a few items, visiting the Apple Store (again..) with the hubs and packing for Auburn all this weekend on top of lunch with my Mom on Sunday and baking for Snack Supper!

Just wanted to pop in and check on everyone and give you an update!  How have your first days of Spring been?


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