what matters most… and trying to focus = missed you!

First, Happy Holy Week, Happy Passover, Happy Easter, Thanks be to God for the amazing gift given to us all.

Second, please forgive me!  I realized this week that it will have been two weeks since my last post.  Not intentional, but definitely divinely inspired.

I started this Lent Season here and can't believe it ends tomorrow, or does it begin?  My decision not to give anything up but to remain focused has proven itself to be not that easy. 

The world threw in some obstacles like illness that took forever to overcome, busy work deadlines, wrestling with season of life changes, trying to remain frugal, etc.  I also threw in some of my own obstacles like trying to kill myself with a manic work out schedule and weight loss strategy, giving into materialism, pridefulness and boredom. 

What I did not do was give all my own agenda items or have to do lists to Him.  I was not consistent with my speaking to Him, my quiet time, my study time.. do you get the pattern here.  It was all about the "but I don't want to do that, or focus on that, I just want to rest, relax or do someting FUN!"   

I've been beating myself up mentally about not staying focused on the weight loss and working out schedule.  I was feeling so much better.. then I got really sick and couldn't kick it.  I can't afford to miss work.. too much depending on my attention.  I lost focus on preparing meals and making sure we stay within budget and only purchase what we need.

Wah Wah Wah.. or in the words of my teens, Blah Blah Blah…

My focus shifted from Him to Me.  AGAIN.  I just wish that I could get that lesson right for once.  Focus on Him, His will for my llife, how I should serve my family and others first and realistically take care of this temple that He calls home.  He lives here, right?  Am I showing that?

He certainly showed it to us the Good Friday he died for us and the Easter that our Father raised him from the dead.  RESURRECTION.  LIFE. ETERNITY.

Why is it so stinking hard for me to show that every day consistently? 

Here are some interesting blogs that have got me thinking today.

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Praying for my brain and yours to rest in Him and Him alone this weekend…



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