From long ago and far away

I have returned and my heart has been changed from far away.  I have returned to the land of the mildly sane and living.  I have a couple of posts up my sleeve… but until then, I wanted to share what has really been on my heart.  The only blogs I have stopped to read while cramming and dealing with the mayhem these past few weeks are these:

These are some of my favorite Bloggers to begin with, but what they have seen, experienced and shared with us has been nothing short of miraculous.

More times than naught these past days, they have brought me to my humble knees and put me in my place.  We currently have a Compassion child, our son, Blas in Costa Rica, but there's no way that my heart can turn back from another child from India.  If you would like to join me, please do.  Just click on this link and look at these precious faces that need our help.  Seriously?  How prideful am I that I would think that I do not have enough and could not possibly be financially able to sponsor one of them?  I could not.  They have nothing compared to the wealth I live in.  The picture above is a picture the Bloggers took while visiting slums in India.  This sweet girl was so excited to show them her beautiful home.  It just slays me.

More soon,


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