Really? Do we really need any more drama in Madison?

After a little drama surrounding:

  1. the school closings because of a lil ole thing called H1N1
  2. the hubs being gone on business travel for two weeks
  3. a very nasty three hour exam
  4. a washing machine that has been down for the count since 4/10
  5. lots of rain
  6. some thunderstorms
  7. a few gnarly tornadoes
  8. one major work event that we only do yearly
  9. round three of a sinus infection
  10. falling of the exercise and diet wagon
  11. lots of rain
  12. missing my friends something fierce
  13. some tornadoes
  14. did I mention 25 days without a washing machine
  15. missing lots of tv cause of a dang 3 hour exam
  16. lots of time with three specific teenagers
  17. an absent husband
  18. a high maintenance and very loved pup
  19. washing clothes at a very lovely established that was far away from my home.
  20. falling off the WW wagon..

I have declared that the remainder of the month of May will be drama free and simply lovely.

And. that. is. all.

But wait… My Danny Gokey is safe.  Praise God!


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