Well I lied…

I declared that May would be drama free and a wonderful month.  I forgot to mention that for mom's with lots of kiddos that the month of May is worse than the month of December.  Truly.  Throw in there some weird ole school closing and it's drama filled. 

Not to mention that my brain is fried and my body is old.

Not to mention that I have THREE teenagers in my house.

I love them.  Please don't write to me and tell me that I should cherish this time with them.  I do.  Honestly, I do.  I just would cherish some time ALONE.

Hammock.  Sunshine. Peace and Quiet.  Unplugged.

Sounds wonderful doesn't it?  Not my reality.

Here's one thing that is true.

God's mercy and peace surpasses all understanding.  He is never changing and loves me always.  Nothing is impossible with God. 

My world is great.  My family is wonderful.  My job is perfect.  All the stress and distractions are self inflicted and choices that I have made.

So then.  Why do I make them?  What distracts me?

What constantly pulls us away from the peace of His hammock.  His Sonshine.  His Quiet?


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