warming the heart….

I think there is almost nothing better(except for actually meeting Him face to face) than seeing a group of people prepare themselves to serve, embark upon a journey and come back changed.

There is almost nothing better. 

It slays me every time. 

I have seen it as I have served on Emmaus Walks.  I have seen it as I have been blessed to serve as a Bible Study Leader.  I have seen it as I have observed mission teams prepare and leave.

But this time it is a tad different.  There were 146 high school students along with many brave chaperones who left Madison Saturday, May 30th headed to VA and DC.  They returned home the night of June 5th.

They performed 7 concerts in 7 days, they worked and served.  They met and worshiped with young and old.  They laughed and had a blast.


My oldest turned 18 while he was on this trip.  My youngest was without her twin for the longest period to date.

But what gets me most of all… what makes me STAND and SHOUT… is that God was present and moved and changed their hearts.  They got it…

They really got it.  The LOVE of Christ was found and found again by most all.

And, yes, of course, it's great to see my children change.  But what's different is that all the seniors are the children of some of my closest friends.  Where did the time go?  When did they shift from having the faith of a child to having an ADULT faith of a child?

It's warming my heart today. Grateful that they all had a chance to serve Him.  Grateful that they feel and know that God loves them.  Grateful that He loves us.  Grateful that his grace and mercy are new every morning.

Thanks Christ Choir 2009…


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