Killian, the Queen of Mean

For those of you following me on FB or Twitter you know that I became such a follower.  I am an avid blog reader (not so great at my own blog but I am working on it) and when Vicki and Joanne and Mel started Killian's 30 day Shred.. well, I was curious.

I love the Biggest Loser and am constantly motivated and awed by all the contestants and their hard work.  I know, I know, there is editing and the fact that they give up their lives and jobs and are at the mercy of cooks and WACKY trainers like Killian and Bob.  But it's just amazing… amazing they way their bodies and their health changes.  Seriously.

How hard could it be?  And for goodness sakes, it was only 8.99!   I was curious.  Could I manage?

I ordered it. 

I did.

I started it at home and then started talking to gals at work about it around Day 5 after I learned how to sit and walk again.  I AM NOT JOKING!

30 day shred 

We started to shred together every day at the end of the day.  After day 14 we moved on up (or rather, I let them talk me into) to level 2.  Before you start moaning or groaning… let me tell you just one thing. 


Really.  This skeptic has turned into a believer.

The scales are moving a bit.  Mostly I feel stronger, more fit and my clothes are beginning not to fit.
I love being a follower especially in this case.  I renamed her Killian, it's a love/hate relationship.  I'm grateful for her and don't like her being around at the same time.  But, you know what?  It's me getting suited up every day, and making the decision to be demeaned and demoralized by Killian.  It's me making the choice to just take 20 minutes to take care of myself.

A girl has to do that in order to take care of her family and herself.  I'm tired of giving up on myself and then feeling guilty.  Goes back to a post I wrote awhile back.

Keep me motivated, okay?


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