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I am sitting in the ATL airport waiting on a flight to Houston.  My sister landed a couple of days ago in our hometown from her temporary home in Doha, Qatar.  She's making a stop to visit with her BFF Linda & her family.  Originally, our plan was for me to fly in, go to my HS Reunion (Sharpstown Class of 84'!) and then we would get in a car and drive home to Madison, AL.  Mostly because she was bringing Grommit.   He's the one on the right.  Ginger is on the left.  We took this picture after getting them ready for our family pictures last summer.


Except she decided not to bring him this summer.  He's getting quite old and just doesn't travel that well anymore.  But, I wanted to join her anyway…and heckidoodle doo, who isn't up for a weekend in your old stomping grounds with your very best sister?  She's my only sister.. but still the best sister.

I'm headed to my hometown after not being back for 10 years.  I'm sure much has changed in the landscape, but I am also sure that much is the same.  Traffic, concrete, good food, great shopping, lots of activity.

I'm looking forward to hugging my niece, Hannah and hugging my sister, Lisa after not putting my eyes on them for a year.

What's also crazy is that I get to hang out with High School friends that I haven't seen in 15 or 25 years.  We are different, older, hopefully less hormonal and focused on raising our families and being healthy and whole.  I am really looking forward to putting my eyes on them as well.  It's been great to catch up with some of them on FB and Twitter.  Too fun.

Whirwind, fun trip and then back on a plane home on Father's Day at 5:30 a.m.  I have to.  I just can't stomach not pampering my man on his Father's Day.  He deserves a good meal and some big thank yous.

I'll keep you posted with some pics!  Have a great weekend.  Please keep MckmMama and Stellan in your prayers today and this weekend along with my friend Jenn who just lost her Gramma yesterday.  Praying peace and healing over them and their families!

Til more fun happens,


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