Hiatus over, Boo-berry Biscuits and new Seasons

I've been inconspicuously absent from the bloggedy blog world.  It happened quite innocently enough.  Summer, my sister, niece Hannah, and BIL came home for most if not all summer.  So I organically disconnected to focus on family, fun and of course that wonderful thing called my full time job.  I do love it.  I love the team I work with, the Director I work for.. I continue to learn alot.. but mercy sakes alive!!! I was not prepared for how amazingly busy and wide open summer was going to become.

So.. won't bore you anymore about how hard/fun this summer was between work and my sister home for the summer… more on that later.  I am incredibly grateful for how much fun and love I experienced this summer.  But guess what happened next?  School started, my sister left, my husband went overseas on business and this girl had to get a grip!

I've caught up on all my favorite blogs via Google Reader today.  I cried, laughed, saved and realized that I have missed you all so much!! 

To be very honest… Boomama's post about the Boo-berry visit has had me perplexed for weeks.  I read about it via Twitter.  That has been one outlet I have stayed on top of.  Easy, quick tends to keep me in contact with the world.  At least the parts of the world that I want to stay in contact with!

So I had an opportunity this weekend to follow through with the mounting desire to try the Boo-berry biscuits myself.  G sat for the ACT this morning.  Another round to try to raise his score which is much better than this high school graduate could do at this point.  G kept telling me random facts that have stuck with him, such as how eating blueberry's can actually increase your performance on college prep tests.  Ummm, okay.  I'll go with that. 

Fast-forward to yesterday and my 2.5 hour round trip jaunt to watch The Patriots really do well over Florence.  GO Patriots!!! I was mainly interested in watching one little junior march at half time.   I digress.  Athens has this yummy establishment called STARBUCKS and if I was going to be expected to stay awake until midnight this ole girl needed a triple shot of caffeine.  Did ya'll know that them there drinks are nearly $6 now?  WHAT RECESSION?  I ask.  Again with the digression.

Swung self right into the neighboring establishment that makes some yummy Boo-berry biscuits and got two.. one for me that was consumed immediately.. who can wait? and one for the G this morning.  I do believe that he made a perfect score because his momma bought him a blueberry packed southern biscuit that is to die for.  I could be buried with a whole passel of them and not be one little bit upset.

I will leave you with the first day of school that I did NOT forget!  Thank goodness I had a brain since it was G's last first day of high school and L&B last first day as Juniors. 


I've missed you,


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