10 Reasons why today rocked… just saying.

How is it that today is Tuesday?

It felt like Monday morning.  Not sure why.  The Snowpocalypse of 2010 has my schedule all wonky.  Mulling over my feeling of wonkiness, I discovered that today really did rock.  Here's why:

    1. Physical therapy which included electric and heat therapy with a touch of traction provided by Sung & the lovely Amanda at TOC Madison.
    2. Having enough money on my Starbucks gold card to get the Best Oatmeal ever.. topped with a sugar-free/skinny/Hazelnut Latte with an extra splenda.
    3. These to keep me warm. yummy gloves

    4. Praising God for setting me up with some AWESOME ladies to study His Word with on Monday nights.  Jennifer Rothchild's, Me, Myself & Lies is the bomb.
    5. Eating 2 clementines provided by the lovely, Michele Morris.
    6. Getting to talk to my amazing sister.  (Follow her on twitter @mrsschmeckman or Facebook)
    7. Reading some incredible posts today: Big Mama (she just makes me happy), Priscilla Shirer (she always directs me to the Lord and today, so did Robyn), Baby Bangs (anything that this girl writes is a slice of heaven.. and she's Amanda..), Alli (please.. no words for this one. :)) , Jo-Lynne (my own personal blog, business card and twitter page designer and resident professor into Blissdom) and Lisa (inner tweeners unite!)
    8. Coming home to find out that this one has been able to gain self control over his bodily functions for 8 hours.  Go Jack!
    9. GOOD BOY! Hearing how excited my 16 YEAR OLD daughters are about starting The Inheritance with their girlfriends on Friday night in this Casa. Sigh.
    10. Knowing I get to sit back and relax while trying to decide which to watch… Biggest Loser or American Idol?  I think I am in the mood for some good news, so Biggest Loser it is.

I really hope you discovered that your day rocked too.



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