Caden James Hott

My co-worker, Adam and his wife Peggy became parents for the second time on Wednesday, January 20th.  Their son, Caden was born weighing 2.1 lbs and 14" long at 25 weeks.  He has been breathing on his own and fighting something mighty fierce from the beginning. 

Kid is a fighter. (I would love to post a picture of him, but don't have permission just yet.. trust me though.. he's one gorgeous kid..)

We have been praying for his healing and growth and for his family.  Could you pray for him too?  He made it through some surgery today, but really needs prayers for his blood to begin clotting again.  It's critical.

I get really confused when teeny, tiny little ones suffer or have a hard battle like Caden has.  I struggle with watching my friends hurt and grapple with decisions they shouldn't have to make surrounding a birth of a child.  I cry out to God to help me make sense of all of it.  Then there comes this peace..

"The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit." – Psalm 34:18

He gently reminded me once again that He's got it.  He needs me to be obedient and pray and serve Him by caring for this sweet family as He directs.  He is the HOPE.  He is holding onto Caden.

I'd love it if you could pray for him tonight and in the coming days/weeks.



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