Week in review..ramblings and what I need to say

I didn't see the craziness of this week coming.  I mean, I knew it was going to be hectic, but honestly?  I didn't see the craziness of my emotions coming this week.

It started with the continuation of the Caden Hott watch.  He had a relatively quiet honeymoon stage and hit a bump, but seems to be getting stronger.  Little fighter. 

I would love for none of my co-workers/friends/family to experience pain and grief and struggle, but then again, I think it is one of the most intimate ways that God moves in our lives.  I am standing on the promises and hope that He gives me.

Said goodbye to the hubs as he made is way to Asia for the week.  Just him being out of this wonderful house filled with the 18 yr old and the two 16 yr olds is enough to make me want to run to Chuy's or Rosie's… but it's all good. kinda.

Took 18 yr old 6'2" and his 6'5" friend and college roommate to Auburn for Tallon's Day.  Again.. odd to watch these two begin to maneuver their way into college land.


I'm working really hard at taking my hands off his daily life and letting him work out life on his own while still under our roof.  Rather be here to guide him as he figures the crazyness out.. *sigh*

I am really blessed to be able to hang out with some wonderful women on Monday nights.  We are studying Me, Myself & Lies by Jennifer Rothschild.  I think they would all agree that it is definitely kicking our bottoms.  In a good way.  If you have a chance, pick up a copy and let Jennifer and Jesus mess with your thought closet.  Mine definitely needs messin' with. 🙂

I won't bore you with the rest of the emotional roller coaster ride.. but here's a few people that made me really grateful this week…


I'm grateful for every single one of them (including the pups) and love them all to pieces!

In the words of Pete Wilson..

" Who has God placed in your life and what do they need to hear you say?"


I'm saying thank you…


PS. I have an extra copy of Fearless I will be giving away (compliments of Thomas Nelson) to someone who answers Pete's question in a comment!  I'll randomly pick one Tuesday at noon, CST!

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  1. I'm sayin I love you … cause you are one of the ones I need to say it to.
    You made me tear up just then – You have been my rock through a LOT lately, I just love you!!

  2. I'm just so stinkin' grateful for you and can't wait to spend more time with you. What a blessing you are to us all. A true gift.
    I need to say some things to my oldest wonderful son. I'm off to do that now.
    Goodnight. Praying over you always.

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