headed to frontiers unknown to me… Blissdom 2010

It's the first of February.  Didn't need to read this post to know that.  But with the first week in February comes… Blissdom 2010.  I am so excited and so anxious (not in a bad way) and so grateful to be able to attend my very first blogging conference.  That it happens to be Blissdom? Well, slap me silly!

Blissdom 2010 is an amazing blogging conference for women.  It's chock full of workshops and networking and fun and women and learning and Harry Connick, Jr. .  Yep, you read it.  Harry.  Not the reason why I am attending, but makes it just a tad more exciting. Dontchathink? Harry.

My attendance is part professional and part personal.  My really cool boss is sending me so that I can gain some more techie, geek knowledge as well as be encouraged and make more of a contribution to our web/social media presence. 

Personally, I am relatively new to the blog world and just desire to know more.  I guess you could say that I'll be looking for some bliss and direction on where I'm headed.  He knows.. and I'm sure there will be many messages.  I am looking forward to meeting lots of new chicks and laughing and having some fun with my roomie, Tammy !  The sponsors are amazing and we've already gotten this awesome package!!!

IMG_0289It was chock full of gifts and info.  Isn't it pretty?

I spent some time this weekend organizing which sessions I am going to and reading up on the speakers.  Got me even more psyched!

There have been some great posts about what to pack and wear and what to just stop worrying about…  If you are going to Blissdom make sure you check them out!

I'm packed, made meals for the family (high schoolers.. they can cook and so can hubs), got the laundry done, have business cards, gotten my gadgets organized, programed my Poken (thanks ConAgra Foods) and readied my brain for the onslaught of information!

Now all I have to do is sleep. Is it Wednesday yet?

Can not stinkin' wait to meet you!


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