I got this.

Pardon the many Blissdom 2010 posts this week, but that is where I be.  I'm all tucked in my bed after checking in, getting situated and running out to meet with some local peeps and a new IRL friend, Lindsey Nobles. It was good food for the soul.

Chuy's must really come to Huntsville, AL.  Really.  Their fish tacos are to die for.. and their chips and pico… no words.

I know absolutely no one here at Blissdom.  Nope.. nada.. have not met a single person before taking the dive into Blissdom 2010.  My roomie, Tammy will arrive tomorrow.. so I will at least have some chatter at some point the next few days.

It occurred to me today that it really is okay if I am not a professional blogger.  It's really okay if I am not a social media expert.  It is really okay if I know absolutely no one.. but Tammy and my bud @pamcase and my new IRL friend, Lindsey.

It really is okay that I am just a chick that is in love with Jesus, trying hard to follow after him; madly in love with my man, crazy about my kids and my family and can't manage without my coffee.  It really is okay that I am an executive administrator with lots of years of experience in the school of hard knocks and corporate America.  Cause that's me.

So it really is okay to meet new people, be who I am and open my mind to learning a lot of really amazing things.  No pretenses…

I got this cause He's got me,


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