What I left at home

So much information today. So much to think about and great wisdom passed on.

One of my favorite workshops was at the end of the day… Writers Craft with Amber Haines @amberrunsamuck, Megan Jordan @VelveteenMind, Deb Rox @debontherocks and Arianne Segerman @ToTHink .

Got my head a spinning and no, not like Linda Blair.

These women are exceptional writers. And darn it if they didn't make us do a 10 minute writing prompt.

Darn it.

I didn't like the subject. What dumb exercise is this? What I left at home? Just write? Just don't think and write? Wow.

I cried.

Here you go.. and where I went today…

What I left at home…

I left my heart at home. 

I left the laughter and the familiar at home.  The way the man smiles at me when he walks in the door after a long stressful day at work because my presence eases his soul. 

I left the laughter and the gushing at home from my girls who are goofy and lovely and crazy and attached to my hip.

I left the sweetness and insecurity and quiet yearning from a son who is growing into a man too quickly for his own liking.

I left the sounds of family happening and life changing.  I left the jumping excitement of the puppies and wags of the tails.

I left the comfort zone of who I am and what I know for an unknown filled with unfamiliar people and a slightly unfamiliar way of living.

I left the creamer and amazing bed and couch and the smells and the comforts of home.

I am at a cross roads of where God is taking me. 

I don’t want to leave home or leave anything at home.  I feel torn.

I want to be home.  I want to be with Him 24/7 surrounded by my family and laughter and be comfortable with that. 

But, at the same time, I want to be at home all the time.  At home in my own skin, in this season of my life and with where He has me.

I want to feel like I never leave anything anywhere because it’s been given as a drink offering to Him to use everywhere all the time.

Wisdom was definitely passed on today.  Blissdom 2010 is a good thing. Good thing.


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  1. I am so glad you got to go to my friend @pensieverobin's prayer meeting this morning. I love your heart that you shared here and I know you had to be welcomed into that prayer meeting — I know Robin. She is a beautiful person and she worried about people getting lost in all the "pro blogging" stuff. Just stick with your heart for Jesus, and He will work it all out! Nice to virtually meet you 🙂 Hope to get to know you better even though I'm not at BlissDom 🙂

  2. dedra – wow! great post. made me a little teary, but i'm ok with that!
    thank you thank you thank you for all your support this weekend and in my business! i so very much appreciate you and am thrilled that we got to meet!

  3. Lindsey – YOU ROCK. You just do. You are precious and kind and authentic and talented and amazing and YOU!
    You have a forever friend and client right here in AL.
    Nuff said.

  4. Lisa,
    Thanks for your comment. I just love Robin. She has mad skillz when it comes to meeting people and connecting them. Encourager should be her middle name.
    Praise & Coffee was exactly what I needed!
    Looking forward to getting to know you better as well.

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