the lingering bliss of Blissdom 2010

Honestly, I don't know what I was thinking.

Well, I do know.

I love all things social media. Twitter, Facebook and blogging. I haven't been as consistent with my blog.. but awww lawdy, that has changed.

Following the Twitter hashtag #Blissdom will let you in on just a few things:









So when I saw THE Alli Worthington tweet about registration to Blissdom being live..well there I went down the waterfall of oh my lawdy…and I am so VERY glad I did.  I went with only having met my roomie, Tammy once, brave woman she is, but she turned out to be one of the best roomies EVER. Let's face it, she put up with me and let me do her make up.  What's better than that?

Tammy Isbell
Isn't she just a doll?

I was/am completely out of my element.  I was overwhelmed and excited and hungry to learn more and fascinated and intimidated and taller than aLOT of women and challenged and well I could just stinkin go on forever.

I have pages of notes and have a gazillion posts to share with you. (please don't make me post them all today)

The Hubs asked me on Monday.. (notice that he waited until after he recovered from the wrath of the coma like wife. at 6:20 on Sunday morning after my arrival home Saturday evening late he politely informed me that the mother load (I love her) was coming over for lunch and I was cooking.  WHAT?)

What was the most important thing that you learned at Blissdom 2010?

My answer: That is a great question!

I had absolutely no words to convey my emotions.  I was worded out after 500 women, a gorgeous hotel, AMAZING food and well.. being geeked out all week.  Harry Connick didn't hurt except for some weird monolgue.

But I have words now  and can tell you what the most important thing about Blissdom 2010 was.. Would you like to know?

Just kidding.

Here are the most important things about Blissdom 2010:

IMG_0404 IMG_0400

Women who you instantly have connections with…


Families you have prayed for….




Gorgeous new friends that are so amazingly talented it renders you speechless…



Wisdom shared from younger than me chicks that will stay with me forever.  I wish I could be in Nashvegas all the time…


Funny moments that can not be repeated but have connected us forever….     IMG_0469


Friendships created online became in real life friendships that will definitely hang around for a long time. 

He shared alot with me during those 72 hours.. more to follow and who you can follow to be encouraged, I promise.  Until then…

What's the most important thing you learned at Blissdom?


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  1. Deda! Please tell the hubby and fam to pack their bags…you're moving to Nashville! I had such a great time getting to know you, learning with you and having fun with you 🙂 You rock. And no, I will not "stop it" haha. I'm adding that to my vocab and everytime I think of you. Miss you. So glad to have an amazing new friend. Come back soon! And what did I learn- gosh, I'm with you, I'm overwhelmed right now. But I'd say I learned about all these amazing blogs I WASN'T following. I have since fixed that 🙂

  2. Yeah, you should totally move to Nashville, then you can hang out with me!
    It was so great to meet you and I'm so very glad that you took the plunge and decided to attend Blissdom! It really is the best conference ever (I am a tad bit biased but still, I'm right!)

  3. dear dedra,
    i love you. thanks for inviting us to sit on the floor and eat with you and tam-tam. i’ll always love you for it. and for all the extra love you poured into me this weekend. i only have 100 sq. ft. in my apartment, but you are welcome to move in!
    praying for the people you love in madison!

  4. I would love to move to Nashville.. we would need jobs and schools and a home for my mother and *sigh*. I will just have to resort to ripping the road because I love and miss you!!

  5. Dear Abby,
    I love you. Thank you for being my criss-cross, apple sauce friend.
    100 sq. ft. won’t cut it. But I will be coming up soon for coffee.
    I’m just sayin’.
    I am grateful for your prayers.. beyond words.. 😉

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