i love books.. i do love books..

I love books… I do love books.. alot…

This one, I had a hard time with..Green

Green tells the story of Thomas Hunter, a man from our time
who has been transported to the future version of our world, which has long
since gone through the events of Revelation. This book starts years after
Thomas has entered this timeline. He is older now with children and a wife, and
is in charge of a group called The Circle, a version of Christians which
combats evil and hopes to try and bring unbelievers the message of God, or
Elyon as he is now called. Except this time, evil and good now have very viable
and tangible powers, made real by Elyon after Revelation. And with Thomas at
the end of his rope, he has to find a way back to out time to try and save his
I must admit, when I read the intro to this book, I was a
bit intrigued. Dekker has tried something completely new (as far as I can tell)
in the realm of story writing. Green is meant to be both the first in the
series and the last in the series, depending on how you read the four novels
(others are Red, White, and Black). However, his daring experiment falls flat
on its face. No real back story was given, and the change of each chapter
between Thomas’ new reality and ours only seemed to have the barest connection
until later. Evil characters are cliché in appearance, and for anyone who has
read the other books, it is simply a retelling of the events that you already
know about. So, while an interesting idea, it doesn’t really deliver .

I still love books though.. just not this one so much.


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