for the fifty leventh time.. Lord help me.



I should have posted this yesterday.  I didn't.  I am so sorry.  From this moment on.. my LosingIt10 posts will be up on Fridays.  Promise.  possibly.  I'll do my best.

I am joining my new friends, Ashleigh at Heart-and-Home, Jessie at Vanderbiltwife and Mary at GivingUpPerfect on their weight loss journey.  Sweet Becky Jo at Sweet Abundance is my homegirl.  She's waking my bottom, tooshy, what ever.. lazy buttocks every morning.  We've got a pact.  Texting in the morning.  I know she is counting on me and I am counting on her.  It's important.  I haven't done really great this week, but Jesus and I decided that slow and steady will be how we needed to proceed.  

I'm serious.  I can NOT do this without Him.  I have no will power when it comes to getting up early and heading to the gym.  None.  I would rather stay snuggled in the bed and hang with the teens as they get ready for school and enjoy the peace and quiet before my work day started.

I would.

But I am not going to.  Do you remember last year?  I was on a roll and lost so much weight.  I could just spit. But, I am a southern woman.  

We don't spit.  

I'm a tad frustrated though.  By summer time I had lost a load of weight and plenty of inches. Heckidoodle… I even ran/walked my first 5k..  I've gained it all back and have recovered from a back injury.. 

BUT!  Enough of the whining and lamenting..  Let's do this.

Here are my early goals:

  • Work out at least 4 times a week (elliptical, bike, treadmill)
  • I'm back on Weight Watchers online.  It's works for me. usually. 🙂
  • No more soda.  Except for my token Fresca.
  • Slowly start cutting back on sweets/carbs. (I know my limits)
  • Ease my way into the iPhone app Couch to 5K.
  • Drink 1 gallon of water a day. 🙂 wooty woot.

This week I have lost 3.5 pounds.. it equals 0.014% of my weight, so I thought the 3.5 pounds looked much better in print than the percentage.  Boo hiss.  

I did not NOR do I plan on giving up a periodic chocolate or sweet indulgence.  Unless Jesus comes back. We will be feasting at that point anyway!

How are you loosing the weight you want to get rid of?  OR, how do you maintain a healthy weight?

Mom is serving King Ranch Chicken for lunch tomorrow so I am headed off to count my points.. better to be prepared than try to recover after..right?


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  1. I love ya chica! So, so, so, so much! So glad we can count on eachother. I am SERIOUSLY gonna need it after today. But it was my baby’s b-day party, so whatcha gonna do?!

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