4000 days

I have been married for 4000 days today. No we didn’t celebrate. I haven’t even mentioned it to DH.

I’m struggling with another massive sinus infection and incredible stress over some major work deadlines.  He was so incredibly kind to let me sleep REALLY long today and we both have gotten a lot done in the area of all things nagging us.

Yes, you just read correctly.  I did not go to church today.  Feel free to tell my Pastor.  Would you like the number?  Just kidding.  AND I certainly doubt any of them read my blog.  Seriously.

On this the 4000th day.. I am paying homage to our beloved wedding chair.  Right after we married in April 1999, we took some of the wedding $$ DH’s parents gave us and bought a piece of furniture.We settled for a chair and ½ that came with an ottoman.I don’t have a before picture.  I looked, I promise.

I am really grateful for all the memories and love and comfort this ole’ chair and ½ has given us. But its original yellow had long since seen its last leg. All the children and animals and guests and cleaning crews had sucked the vibrant-mess right out of it. I’d searched for years to replace it with something new. Something equally as large (have you seen our kids?) that had a welcoming feel. Something that didn’t cost us two weeks of my salary. No success. I AM NOT KIDDING. Years ago (I think about 3 or 4) I purchased about 19 yards of upholstery fabric hoping to re cover it. Then I started searching for someone who would recover it. Um… $1800.00 was the lowest quote I could obtain. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? No thank you. I didn’t do a thing after I pulled myself off the floor. Just lived with the ugly love chair.

Then, at the end of last year, I had a friend encourage me to try an upholsterer that had been referred to her word of mouth. I took a deep breath and called. She was kind and gracious and patient. She had several jobs from local interior designers so I would have to wait a few months. (Really? NOT an issue. I’ve waited this long.. what is a couple of months?) But she assured me that I would be put on the list. And boy was I. I can’t say enough nice things about her. Really. After about a month, I got the ole love chair back. Chair, pillows, arm covers, ottoman and some additional stuffing all for under $600.00!! I am NOT joking. So for this our 4000 day anniversary.. I am grateful for memories, love, budgeting, debt free living and patience. Patience from the DH, the kids, and Therese Fountain because doesn’t she look lovely? (Please ignore the un-sightly clutter)

She has a full calendar, but she’s worth it to anyone who lives in North Alabama.

Therese Fountain of Upholstery Arts in Madison, AL. 256-716-0550.

Tell her JustaChick sent you. You won’t be disappointed.

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