Do you know The Simple Wife?

Well, she is having a birthday today.. and I just needed you all to know.. she has a piece of my heart.

Joanne is the epitome of grace and encouragement.  She is real, authentic, wise, goofy, simple (in a lovely way) and nuts about her family.  She is an amazing writer and speaker.  She is completely in love with her husband, Toben.  She is MORE in love with her Savior.  She desires to be obedient to Him and serve her family well.  I LOVE all of these things about her.

She was the first Siesta that I connected with IRL (that is why I am smiling so big in the picture below) and I will be forever grateful for her kindness and warmness… It is a tad overwhelming meeting hundreds of women that you don’t know.  Joanne NEVER once made me feel odd.. or not in the loop.

Happy birthday dear friend… you are treasured.

Many warm and happy birthday wishes..

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  1. Dedra!
    What did I do to deserve a sweet friend like you? As the birthday girl, just have to say what a gift you are to me. I feel so humbled and awed by your kind words–and encouraged to be a woman of God.
    So much love,

  2. Honey girl, I had NO IDEA you were at the Siesta Fiesta!!! Can’t believe I missed out on getting to know you sooner! Good thing we’re making up for lost time. :o)
    Love you (And happy birthday Joanne!!)

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