This is not the end.. it’s only the beginning

I can’t believe this is my final post in the Losing It competition.  Who knew?  Who knew when I jumped on the band wagon that it would actually stick?  This is not the end.. but the beginning of pressing on until I get to my goal weight.  Whatever that ends up being.  I’m not hooked on a number, at least not an end number.  I have been hooked on getting to a number and well… I am there. I am taking a day to celebrate (wisely) but I still have about 30 more lbs. to go.

Here are my goals as I continue on.. I’ll have to figure out a new name for my weight loss journey now…

  • Work out at least 6 times a week – I have figured out over these 10 weeks that working out a few times a week just won’t cut it anymore.  So.. I will be running every day and/or walking/elliptical.  The weight won’t come off unless I am pushing…
  • Weight Watchers online. Good old faithful and dependable and easy WW
    online.  I love it.  It keeps me focused on what I am putting in my mouth and holds me accountable.  It also has really, really great recipes and tips.
  • Still no more soda and I have cut back on my caffeine.  Just one cup a day.  I’ve taken a break from Spark this week.. and gone back to my cup of coffee.  I’m going to continue to mix it up in the weeks to come.
  • Little to no carbs for a bit. Healthy carbs are good.  But carbs are not my friend.  I’m just sayin.
  • Added alot of fruits and vegetables to my diet! I love it.  Trying to stay away from processed snacks and eating a green apple with peanut butter for some protein…I am on day 15 of a 24 day cleanse/trim challenge with
    Advocare’s awesome products.. thanks to my cousin Sarah Allen.  She rocks if you want to join me.

This is kinda sad to be posting this.. but I will continue Friday weight loss check ins and updates.. I promise.

I’ve just completed week 10, I have lost a total of 22 pounds.. it equals 9.95% of my weight.  I’ve lost a total of 15 inches as well.  (Thank you Sarah Allen and Advocare… booyah!)

This competition has given me something to focus on.. knowing that I was/am part of a small community of women working on getting healthy has been important to me.  Knowing that I am accountable to post an update every Friday has helped to keep me focused.  I am determined that God is going to have the victory over this area of my life.  I don’t want to be held hostage to food because of my emotions.  I want to take all of it to Him.  I don’t want anything in my life to come between me and Him.  (Is that proper grammar?.. whatev)  

Thank you for praying for me and rooting me on.  Thanks for checking in and commenting on what He’s been doing.  I’m really grateful.  Please don’t stop.  I have a feeling that it will take about 20 more weeks to get to my goal with plateaus factored in..and I love the community that has been formed.

BIG thank you to Mary at Giving Up Perfect, Jessie at Vanderbilt Wife and Ashleigh at Heart & Home for starting the blog challenge.  You have been a huge part of changing my heart and life and created a great community.  I just love you.

I can’t wait to see how all the other gals have done!  Go check it out!  AND I will see you next Friday!

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  1. I loved reading your posts and this one especially since I also learned many of the same lessons you have and “Losing It” has been a wonderful first step in achieving my goals too. (Could I have written a longer sentence? lol)
    Congratulations on your 22 lbs. lost and 9.95% gone! You are awesome!

  2. You so KICKED our tails on this one. You worked so hard and had such motivation. A true inspiration. I know you'll make it down to your goal in no time.
    I'm going to continue the fun with a linky next Friday and would LOVE for you to link up again.

  3. You are too cute… You started it!!! It’s all the leftover Blissdom 2010 love that got me hook line and sinker. I love ya Mary! Thanks to you and Jess and Ash for pushing me on!

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