So, how you doin’?

Happy Friday! (it should of been Friday.. but I got distracted! ;))

Welcome to the new look of weight loss Friday!!! I had no plans of stopping the weight loss journey, so when Kat at House of Hills said that she was continuing on.. well I decided to continue with her.

Here are my goals as I continue on.. I’ll have to figure out a new button for our weight loss journey now…

  • Work out at least 6 times a week – I have figured out over these 11 weeks that working out a few times a week just won’t cut it anymore.
    So.. I will be running every day and/or walking/elliptical.  The weight won’t come off unless I am pushing…as proven again this week.  I ran 3 miles twice this week for the first time.  And, YES it felt like I was going to die.. but felt amazing afterwards. (Tylenol is my friend.)
  • Weight Watchers online. Good old faithful and dependable and easy WW online.  I love it.  It keeps me focused on what I am putting in my
    mouth and holds me accountable.  It also has really, really great recipes and tips.
  • Still no more soda and I have cut back on my caffeine.  I’m going to continue to mix it up in the weeks to come.
  • Little to no carbs for a bit. Healthy carbs are good.  But carbs arenot my friend.  I’m just sayin.
  • Added alot of fruits and vegetables to my diet! I love it.  Trying to stay away from processed snacks and eating a green apple with peanut
    butter for some protein…I am on day 22 of a 24 day cleanse/trim challenge with Advocare’s awesome products.. thanks to my cousin Sarah Allen.  She rocks if you want to join me.

I’ve just completed week 11, I have lost a total of 25 equals 10.86% of my weight.  I’ve lost a total of 15 inches aswell.  (Thank you Sarah Allen and Advocare… booyah!)

As I posted this week.. I had the blessing of winning the Losing It challenge.. cool beans.  But I had a terrible week this week.  I WAS so hungry and ate good but over the top foods.. 🙂  Like that krispy kreme donut that cost me 7 points yesterday, and the chips, salsa and queso that was consumed this week in celebration of Cinco de Mayo… after all.. how can a Texas girl go without her soul food?  But here’s the thing… I think it is great to eat what you want periodically.  I am not a believer of denying yourself things that bring you joy..but only in moderation.  If you have a rough day, then pick yourself up at the next meal or the next day.  It’s okay!  REALLY!  And quit weighing yourself all the time!!  Your weight fluctuates so much during the day!  Weigh once a week if you need to.  But do it ringing wet and before you have consumed anything for the day.  It gives you a truer sense of where you are.

The key to sticking to the lifestyle change you have adopted is perseverance and intention.  That is what relationship is all about.  Even the relationship with food.

SO!  What is your favorite snack recipe?  I’d love some new ones!!

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  1. I was supposed to rework the old button for Kathy this week, but my computer died Monday night right after she and I talked about it. UGH.
    Is is crazy that I've had my best week this week, AFTER Losing It ended? What's up with that? I've lost three pounds, exercised well and cut out most carbs (except for some fruit and veggies that are carby). Maybe I needed those ten weeks to get my head and heart in the right place before I started really getting going.
    You inspire me daily. Love you, girl.

  2. YOU GO girl! So proud of you!! And I agree completely about getting our hearts and heads into submission. It's taken me years.. 🙁 BUT I am so stinkin excited about your progress this week. It's hard to do when you are solely responsible for day to day stuff! 🙂 PROUD of you!
    PS. So glad you are doing the button.. I know not what I am doing. 🙂
    Love you!

  3. You continue to AMAZE me – three miles – Whoop!!!
    I too had some chips and cheese dip. It's just not May without it is it? (sigh)
    TOTALLY agree with you and Ashleigh about it taking awhile to get your heart and head into submission. This is the first time I've tried losing weight by submitting to God. By doing it for Him and asking Him daily/hourly for help.
    And Ashleigh – thanks again for working on the button!
    Dedra – got your link to show up – not sure what I'm doing with the linky thing – first time user.

  4. One of my favorite snacks is the mini Quaker Rice Cakes with a little fat-free plain cream cheese topped with a slice of fresh strawberry.

  5. SO proud of you!!! I want to hear what you think about the AdvoCare product! I may message you later. 🙂
    I have got to get back into the work out routine, got out of it after vacation and have missed it.

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