just radiant… completely

UPDATE:  Congrats to Becky Jo for winning the Kate Carlson prize pack!  Congrats to Joanne & Pat for winning Kate’s Radiant EP!

It’s been a month people!! How did that happen?  Well… life happened and I seriously didn’t think that you wanted to hear all my dribble about my son graduating and our visit to Auburn and work and life and … ENOUGH!  I have much more exciting news to share with you.. life will come after this post. 🙂

I have this really great friend named Melissa Carlson that I met on the the Twitter and the FB and through the blogging world.  Really great friend, like drove in just to have lunch with me so we could meet face to face, really great friend.  See…

This is Melissa (cute one on the left), her son Cole (handsome dude in the middle) and me.. back in October of 2009.  (What was I thinking with that hair people?.. enough already)

So.. Melissa and I have made a point of talking to each other and trying to see each other (she lives near Nashville..) and praying for one another and laughing.. So it was no surprise that soon after this meeting, I got another chance to meet Melissa’s daughter, Kate.  I call her my snug-let.  She fit perfectly in the crook of my arm.  (I am tall.. she is not) and we were walking outside in the fall…
I’ve made a visit or two to see them and we’ve texted and chatted and emailed and etc… and I knew that her passion was leading worship.  Not performing.  Not making music for the sake of making music.  BUT.. worshiping God.  Period.  But get this.


Not until last week.

And she has ripped my heart to shreds.

I kinda knew that she had been approached by an awesome woman to lead worship for her conferences… cause Pat rocks.  I kinda knew that she had been approached by some really cool and talented guys about putting together an EP.  I was praying for her during the process.  I was praying for her sweet mom, Melissa (you have to go read her Momma story as well) as she worked and prayed over the art and graphics for the EP.  The first time I put the EP in to listen to her I was driving to work.

Ready for a great day.

I was in tears and a mess when I got to work.  Sweet Kate had just spent the last 21 and 1/2 minutes speaking straight to my heart and she had no clue.

She had ushered me straight to the Throne Room.

Kate sings three of my favorites.. How Marvelous, Desert Song and Revelation Song.  She doesn’t just sing.  She worships Him and invites you in.

There is a huge difference.

I have listened to A LOT of Christian music.  I used to work for a Christian radio station.  I have listened to A LOT of Christian music.

My ears and my heart are conditioned to recognize a performer vs. a worshiper of God.  Kate worships Him.  She invites you in.  Through these songs I can see her singing to Him and not caring who is listening or watching.  It’s an intimate and Holy thing.  Truly radiant.

My HANDS DOWN FAVORITE song is You are Able.  Hands down.  I can’t stop listening to it.  I can’t stop singing it.  I can’t stop running to it.  Well.. that last sentence was a lie.  I can stop running to it, cause the running is a thorn at the moment.  But I can’t stop listening to it.  Can not.

He’s all I need and all I have right now.  This season of my life is taking me to the end of myself.  The only One that can lift me up right now is God.  He is the only faithful, constant, firm and able loving God that can lift me up and remind me that I am not enough.  I am never enough.  He is.  This song makes we want to dance around in circles and skip and jump up and down and rock out for Him.  It makes me surrender my heart to Him.

Isn’t that the point?  And she co-wrote the stinkin’ song.  ummmhmmmm.  Wrote it.  She’s adorable and cute and sweet and kind and TALENTED with all capitals.  (No, I am not sorry I just said that)

I love the woman singing these songs.  First, cause she is my heart friend.  Second, because even at her young age, she gets it.  She is tender and kind and funny and points me straight to His throne.  Where He never leaves.  Ever.  That, my sweet bloggy friend is indeed the Truth.

I have a surprise for you..  Besides asking you to go listen for yourself right here: Kate Carlson

I have a surprise for you.  Don’t you just love surprises?

Leave me a comment and tell me what takes you to your knees when you are worshiping God and I’ll select some blessed peeps.

One winner will get a PACK.. a shirt and a CD.

Two winners will win a CD.

Look how precious this shirt is:

Kate drew the flower.. Melissa designed the shirt.  SHUT THE DOOR.  These girls slay me. (and yes I already bought mine… 🙂 )

And this one… just radiant.. completely:

Watch what happens with this sweet girl’s life.  God is doing some amazing things through her.  I can’t wait to see what happens next!  I wanna get in the car and meet my girlfriends for Mexican food in Nashvegas just so I can tell them how grateful I am.

Go ahead.. tell me what takes you to your knees as you worship God…

I’ll pick winners on the Sabbath! 🙂

Ready, set, WORSHIP!

PS.  Here is your standard disclaimer… except one of the two CD’s I bought me self. 🙂  And I have a ton more to give to random people that I see smiling. The pack and one of the CD’s have been provided by Kate Carlson Music.  I’m not making any money off of this blog post and in fact wouldn’t dream of taking any glory away from Him.  And, quite frankly, Kate and Melissa wouldn’t either.

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  1. Wow – What brings me to my knees as I worship God? The realization that God loved me enough to bring me to my knees before blessing me with my son, Daxton. Let me give you some background. JB and I had gotten pregnant on our honeymoon (which was picture perfect in my eyes), only to lose the baby at 8weeks. I was absolutely crushed. I had waited for what I thought was the right time, and it was taken from me. I was on my 3rd marriage, 31yrs old, and was finally ready! I consoled myself by telling myself God knew what he was doing, but that was the extent that I leaned on Him. Two months later, I was pregnant again. I was excited, but a little worried. I assured myself that everything would be fine – what are the chances of it happening again, right? We went to our 8 week check-up, and no heartbeat. I remember going to the bathroom and looking at myself in the mirror and the anger and hurt on my face was more than I could stand. I picked myself up and told myself yet again, God had other plans. I forced myself to not even try to imagine or understand what those plans were to keep the anger and hurt from flooding back in. I was in a daze for a long period of time it seemed. About a month later – JB decided he was ready for us to start attending Church. The miscarriages and a lay off from his job were weighing heavily on him and he didn’t know where else to turn. I had never been as a child and was very uncomfortable with the idea. I believed in God, but I was one of those that heard all my life, and believed, that you didn’t have to go to believe. Reluctanly, I gave in. I knew in my heart one day we would have children. I knew one day I would be faced with the question of “why didn’t we go to church when I was little”? I couldn’t stand the thought of being the reason why… That I was “too uncomfortable”. I felt strangely out of place. It seemed everyone was out to meet me!! To know me! To hear my story! A story I wasn’t sure I was ready to tell. These people sang to the Lord for way too long. All I could do while I was there was cry. One song in particular was almost more than I could stand. I know it by heart now, but then, all I heard was “You give and take away”… not the “Blessed be your name” part. I heard talk while I was there of the Holy Spirit, Salvation, and being saved. I was so confused and thought – What does all that mean? I believed in God and I was basically a good person. Did that mean I was saved? What did the Holy Spirit have to do with all that? Suddenly, I felt lost and I needed answers. We sat down with a couple from church and they talked to me about being saved and that it’s about accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior and how when you do that the Holy Spirit comes to live inside of you. I realized I didn’t even know if I was saved or not. I had spoke those words, about 6 years ago when I was going through a divorce and my Daddy told me I needed to pray that prayer. But nothing changed in my life. I was completely confused, but knew in my heart that if I had to ask myself if I was saved or not, then I wasn’t. A week later, I found out I was pregnant again. It once again, had only been 2 months. I was sick. The doctor had told us to wait at least 3 months, and we hadn’t been trying. We had actually been trying NOT to get pregnant. I didn’t want anyone to know. I told JB and we cried together. He asked if we could share it with a few people at church we had gotten to know so they could be praying for us. The next morning, we did. I cried the whole service, I cried the whole day. I was an emotional wreck. I couldn’t bare the thought of going through losing another pregnancy again. I couldn’t bare the thought of looking at myself in the mirror and seeing the hurt on my face, the disappointment, the anger, the failure. The following morning as JB left for work and I was all alone – I burst into tears. Gut wrenching sobs. I accepted Jesus at the moment and gave my baby, my pregnancy, my hope, my fear, my faith, my everything, to Him. 9 months later, my precious baby boy Daxton Benjamin was born. He came right on schedule, on his due date, Thanksgiving Day. We publicly dedicated him on Mother’s Day, my first of course. He’ll be 7 months old this month and he is the sweetest, happiest, most beautiful little thing I’ve ever seen.
    So, what brings me to my knees as I worship God? Knowing He loved me enough to bring me to my knees only to bless me beyond measure. Looking into my son’s beautiful blue eyes as he smiles at me and realizing that the love I feel for him is nothing compared to the love God has for me. THAT brings me to my knees!!!

  2. What brings me to my knees is often something that comes out of no where,when I least expect it, and Jesus is in my face! Like this blog: I got on here to congratulate you on your running; after seeing your name in the paper this morning, knowing how hard you’ve been working on this area of your life…knowing how hard it is to make such changes in our lives, knowing it’s because of Him that you are accomplishing it! And wanting to glorify Him and encourage you…
    And then you slay me with this blog! You write about a sister in Christ, young in age but obviously mature in her heart and soul, who sings for Him, and in doing so, she brings you to your knees. And this in turn, brings me to mine! How I love how He can do that: through words, music, blogs! He can and does use anything and everything to reach each of us, wherever we are, at any given moment. Even sitting here looking at the computer screen, He showed Himself to me. Glory! Nothing brings me to my knees in worship to the Father more than when He meets me in the unexpected moments of my day…May my worship be as constant as His love for me! For His glory!!

  3. Well…reading something like this…
    “He’s all I need and all I have right now. This season of my life is taking me to the end of myself. The only One that can lift me up right now is God. He is the only faithful, constant, firm and able loving God that can lift me up and remind me that I am not enough. I am never enough. He is.”
    …that puts into words just how I’m feeling at the time.
    Love you!

  4. What brings me to my knees … music softens my heart in a way nothing else can. So, in that regard I have to be very protective about what I listen to. I do listen to secular music – cause I LOVE all kinds – but I am PASSIONATE about worship music and songs of love to and from Him. I can track back every major step in my journey with Him to a song. My faith actually has a soundtrack! I LOVE that!
    I already have this music, but I realllllly want that t-shirt! So, if I win that prize, I will gladly re-gift my DC to another lucky winner!!!
    And, Just so ya know, the rave review of the music is no exageration. I have listened non stop for a week now and it STILL brings me to tears and to my knees! WOWZA!

  5. What brings me to my knees is the LOVE that God pours out on us and the love HE has built IN us for one another.
    You, my friend, are an example of that love!!
    This is a precious idea, I wish I had thought of it, but will follow your sweet lead as we share what God is doing through this beautiful–inside and out—young woman!
    I have heard her live and cried as God allows her to lead His daughters into His presence.
    My hugs sister,

  6. Sarah,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story! What an amazing testimony of grace and wooing.. He’s so grand with the way He loves us!! And you, JB & Dax (and other loves) will live to share how great He has been to you all… LOVE the story and love that your Daddy even years ago was coaxing you towards Jesus.
    Love you Cuz!

  7. You are so kind Cindi! I so appreciate your words of encouragement. You know how hard it is to change and surrender to Him. So grateful that He is taking this area and using it for His glory and others.
    I love your statement, “Nothing brings me to my knees in worship to the Father more than when He meets me in the unexpected moments of my day.. May my worship be as constant as His love for me! For His glory!!”
    That’s it girl… nothing better. Love you!

  8. Joanne,
    You, dear friend, are the real deal and I cherish your encouragement and vulnerability. Praying as He moves you where He needs you! Love ya right back.. D

  9. Pat,
    Thanks for listening to God and responding to His prompting..I can't wait to see what God has in store for sweet Kate and her future. I sit in anticipation of hearing her live and worshiping God with her. Thank you for always blessing me.
    much love,

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