so lazy but so not inactive… REALLY!

I’m going to stop asking for forgiveness for not being the happy bloggy girl and updating on the whole Losing It!  journey.. I’m just going to catch you all up and say how grateful I am for Kat! 😉

So.. the last time you saw me post about my weight loss and running.. I was here:

My girls turned 17, my son graduated from high school, we headed off to Auburn for Camp War Eagle (orientation and registration), we had lots of visitors and work kicked into high summer gear!  My attitude was one of perseverance… and I did.. persevere and slip, some.  Not alot.  BUT, I am totally committed.

  • Work out at least 6 times a week – I haven’t worked out 6 days a week, but I am consistently working out.  I’ve now gotten up to running a 5k twice a week and have become a part of a really cool running group on Fridays.  I’m running 4 miles on Fridays.  On my cross training or “rest” days, I am hitting the elliptical for 3 to 4 miles and working on some upper body strength.  I did run the Cotton Row 5k the end of May and my time was 40:02.  Not too shabby. 🙂  My goal is to log between 15 and 20 miles a week over the next few weeks…
  • Weight Watchers online. I am still on the WW. 😉  Although with my weight loss comes some taking away of points.  Why do they do that?  JK.  I know why they do that.. it’s just be a struggle to shift back to all those free points of veggies and fruits and lean proteins cause I be starving all the time with this running stuff!
  • Still no more soda but I did add back my morning coffee or two.  I LOVE love love my Crystal lite and my Spark by Advocare.  Yes.  I love the products and they have been a huge compliment to my health.  So much so that I joined to get the discount.. 😉

I’ve just completed week 17, I have lost a total of 30 equals 14.03 % of my weight.  I’ve lost a total of 17.5 inches as well.

After my 5:30 a.m. run yesterday, I showered (thank goodness for showers.. I was dripping) and then weighed in.  To say that I was a tiny bit angry would have put it mildly. I don’t like the fact that the weight is not coming off quicker.. I totally complained to my fitness accountability partner, Becky Jo.. and then quickly got over myself.

Like Kat mentioned in her post yesterday.. getting out of the 2’s is HUGE.  I’m out.  Permanently out.  I am on the verge of moving down to a much lower 1 zone.  I really would love to get there. BUT, you know what?  Perseverance, consistency, life style changes.. that is what matters.  Not the loosing it quickly (even though we want it that way).  I simply want what He is doing in my life in this area that has NOT been surrendered to HIM in forever to glorify Him and Him alone.  He’s the reason I am doing it… He’s the reason why I am here.  SO… pushing on… and totally getting over myself.

OH, yeah.. and I totally signed up for the Women’s Running 1/2 Marathon in September.. right before my 45th birthday.  AND no, I am not crazy.   Yet.  I just needed another goal.  Please tell me that someone out there gets that with me!! And spent my LOSING IT gift card to help off set the cost of my Garmin Forerunner 405cx.  And I am still trying to figure the darn thing out!

How do you encourage your friends to persevere and continue on?  Do you text them with a scripture, do you call them, do you send them a note?  Spill it.

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  1. Dedra, you are awesome! You are doing so well . . .and I totally get the goals. That is what gets me out of bed to run in this heat – knowing that I can’t get behind on my training plan. And you know what they say – the only difference between a runner and a jogger is an entry form!

  2. You are doing GREAT! I'm so proud of you! You've had such a crazy month, but it sounds like you've maintained your new lifestyle through it! Way to go!!!
    So excited that you linked up this week! Whoop!!

  3. Deeds. YOU HAVE LOST 30 POUNDS! Woo-hoo! That is huge! You look amazing and considering all you have had going on and still have going on…I think you are doing an awesome job.
    Stick with it. I'm just getting back on board and can't wait to get outta the dern 2's.
    Love you bunches.

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