really? intentionality, serious focus, surrendering works?

Well what do you know…the serious focus and intentionality worked..who’d a thunk it? (that is what my MamMaw used to say all the time..)
  • Work out at least 6 times a week –  Successfully made the workout schedule work this week.  Talk to me next week about how it is all panning out…  BUT!  It worked this week!
  • Saturday – day of rest!  Oh yeah baby!
    Sunday – 2.5 miles in 30 minutes
    Monday – another unplanned day of rest
    Tuesday – Pilates with the wonderful Amy Cauwels at Madison Pilates!!
    Wednesday – ran a 5k on the treadmill before work.. 🙂
    Thursday – walked a couple of miles with a good bud, Debra and then Pilates with Amy that night
    Friday – killer run!!  8 miles in 1 hr. 47 minutes

    So.. I did officially work out 6 times.. just not on 6 days.  It’s been a great week.  I truly feel like I pushed through that allusive wall that has been in my way!

    • Weight Watchers online. That whole serious focus thing worked this week and more of the same next week.  DH and I are starting the 24 day challenge on Monday.  That whole WW saying, “If you bite it, write it…”  it works.  Promise.
    • Accountability:  I am blessed with a great accountability partner in Becky Jo.. daily texts or phone calls or tweets or FB messages.. whatever works.  She’s my inspiration and helps me keep pushing.  I also have one or two at work that keep me moving too. 🙂  But the best one is Jesus.  I’m not kidding.  He rocks.  Who do you think gets me through those long runs?  He does.  And He listens to me.  Which.. some humans don’t.  Have you noticed?  I’m also keeping up with my training log and making sure that I get a run or some cross training in every day.  In the words of Becky Jo, “We’ve got this!”  and He’s got us!

    I’ve just completed week 21, I have lost a total of 32 equals 14.93 % of my weight.  I’ve lost a total of 19.5 inches as well.  It was a great break-through week.  FINALLY!  Slow and steady wins the race, right?  The whole lifestyle change thing.. it takes effort, time, perseverance, a surrendering to what you want and a focus on what He wants for you.  For me, He wants me healthy and encouraging others to do the same.  Besides.. and don’t tell anyone I said this… working out.. running, it’s become FUN!

    What I really want to know this week is what is really holding you back from getting healthy?  What is getting in the way

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    1. I am sooooooo proud of you! I am so THANKFUL for you – You are just the encouragement and accountability that I needed. You are, also, my hero.

    2. You rock! And you inspire me! I want to be like you when I grow up.
      What is holding me back? Nothing other than myself… and this stinkin heat! Ready for cooler weather. Never thought I'd hear myself say THAT!

    3. You are awesome! I'm not a runner, yet I almost wish I were when I read about your enjoyment of running.
      And in answer to your questions…nothing is holding me back. I'm moving forward on this journey. Booyah! See you next week!

    4. Awesome job!!! You are doing amazing! I am allowing my busy schedule to hold me back in both meal planning and work outs. I just have to make it happen. Ugh, so much easier to write than to do!

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