giddy with excitement + a hot teary mess = grateful momma

It was a great week again on the health and fitness front! 🙂  The whole kicking it up a notch is still rockin’ it.
  • Work out at least 6 times a week –  (this sure does take lots of planning, focus and sacrifice.. but it works)
    • Saturday – had a blast walking and shopping with my friend Karel who popped in from St. Louis!
    • Sunday – no work out…a work day as our GTAC Teacher Academy began at 2pm!
    • Monday – ran a 5K
    • Tuesday – Pilates with the wonderful Amy Cauwels at Madison Pilates!!
    • Wednesday – long distance.. walked 6 miles (body was talking) and ran 1.5 miles.  Did you know that you burn almost the same amount of calories walking as running… kinda.  When I ran 8 last week I burned 1056 calories.  During this walk/run, I burned 844 calories! wow…
    • Thursday – walked three miles with a good bud, Debra.
    • Friday – ran a 5k this morning and headed to Pilates at lunchtime.

So.. I will officially work out 6 times.. just not on 6 days.  Work and personal schedules have made it tricky to get it all in, but it was so worth it.  I’m feeling like I am way past the wall!

  • Weight Watchers online. That whole serious focus thing worked this week again.  DH and I are at the end of the first week of our 24 day challenge and loving it.  That whole WW saying, “If you bite it, write it…”  it works.  He’s even teasing me with how many points he has to eat.  Go figure!
  • Accountability:  Ditto on the blessings of a great accountability partner in Becky Jo..daily texts or phone calls or tweets or FB messages.. whatever works.  She’s my inspiration and helps me keep pushing.  I also have one or two at work that keep me moving too. 🙂  It’s been great fun to add our friend Sooz to the mix this week and have my DH really on board finally.  It’s fun, healthy competition and accountability.

I’ve just completed week 22, I have lost a total of 34 equals 15.84 % of my weight.  I’ve lost a total of 20.5 inches as well.  It’s been a challenging week but planning has helped so very much.

In just a few weeks, I will be loading up my oldest and taking him to Auburn.  A week before that my girls will start their last year of high school.  I am a teary hot mess.  Focusing on fitness has helped me with the stress of it all.  Praying during runs and focusing on the moment is helping me process this crazy ride.

Are you an OCD planner?  How do you make it all work? Leave some fun examples for us all to share!

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