pardon my mess….

I know, I know… I am a week and one day late… but never fear.. a new season, new design and new ramblings are on the way!!!

  • Work out at least 6 times a week –  (this sure does take lots of planning, focus and sacrifice.. but it works)
  • Saturday – had a great day with my sis and her family!! 🙂
    Sunday – sweet 5 mile walk with my sister on the greenway..
    Monday – walked ALL day in Franklin, TN with the family…
    Tuesday – Pilates with my awesome sister and the wonderful Amy Cauwels at Madison Pilates!!
    Wednesday – not a single thing… it was 101 outside…
    Thursday – Amy kicked my butt at Pilates… again.
    Friday – ran a very relaxed 6 miles, took the broken car to be fixed and waited for the A/C man.

So.. I will officially work out 6 times.. just not on 6 days.  Work and personal schedules have made it tricky to get
it all in, but it was so worth it.  I’m feeling like I am way past the wall!

  • Weight Watchers online. That whole serious focus thing worked this week again.  DH and I are at the end of the third week of our 24 day
    challenge and loving it.
  • Accountability:  Have to have it… need it… got it… 🙂

I’ve just completed week 24, I have lost a total of 34 equals 15.84 % of my weight.  I’ve lost a total of 20.5 inches as well.  It’s been a very challenging week with family in town and eating what I want and backing off of the running to let my IT band heal.  It’s good to have weeks like this and allow yourself a break.  What we have to do is keep going.. and persevering.  I’m considering it pure joy sisters.  Pure Joy.

A week from today, I will be loading up my oldest and taking him to Auburn.  Monday morning, my girls will start their last year of high school.  I am still a teary and emotional hot mess.  Focusing on fitness has helped me with the stress of it all.  Praying during runs and focusing on the moment is helping me process this crazy ride.

How do you make eating right and fitness a priority with stress swirling around?

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  1. Wow, you ran an easy 6 miles? UGH! I am trying to start running.. doing the couch to 5k program and it is hard.
    Great job on the 6x work out!!

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