The seasons.. they are a changing

The winner of yesterday’s give-away from Gussy Sews is Sarah-Anne from Simply Sarah-Anne!  Congrats girl!

It is September.  Officially.  In my heart, I still want it to be summer.   But the seasons, they are a changing.

I quickly made mention of sending my oldest off to college yesterday.  I feel like I have to quickly mention that I have a son in college or respond to the “how are you doing?” question with speed.  Some days I am okay.  Most days, I am not.  It’s just weird.  This child that I raised and spent every waking moment (well, almost) with has now moved to a dorm room and is living on his own.  Should I repeat that?  Okay, well then moving on…

He was ready.  He’s  a great kid.  He’s overcome so much in his life.. that I dare say at some turns was just a tad daunting… but he’s growing into a funny, creative, compassionate man.  He’s a take me or leave me kinda guy.  Those turns he had to make from the “normal” path lended itself to some walls going up.  Not ideal, but God’s got it all under control.  I get him.  I understand him.  I know God has him in the palm of his hand.  I’m counting on that promise.  But it’s time for him to grow up, enjoy and learn in college and make his way.

It hasn’t made letting go easy for this mom.  The house isn’t the same without him in it.  There is less testosterone, less jokes, less mess and less love.  There is no man child around on a daily basis anymore.  And while I am so stinkin’ excited for him, it just plain stinks.  I keep telling myself that millions of mom have done this before me, surely my heart won’t break completely.  This Word has been a salve to my soul for weeks…

Place these words on your hearts. Get them deep inside you. Tie them on your hands and foreheads as a reminder. Teach them to your children. Talk about them wherever you are, sitting at home or walking in the street; talk about them from the time you get up in the morning until you fall into bed at night. Inscribe them on the doorposts and gates of your cities so that you’ll live a long time, and your children with you, on the soil that God promised to give your ancestors for as long as there is a sky over the Earth. – Deuteronomy 11:19

I said goodbye to him on Monday after his first visit home.  We walked into the house and I apparently had a sad look on my face.  My daughter said, “Are you sad? You got that pout y look on your face.”  I shook my head yes.  She kindly replied, “Well you better get used to saying goodbye cause Iggy (that is what she calls her sister) and I are leaving next year.”  This coming from my most compassionate child.  My husband told her ever so sternly, “Sissy (cause that is what we call her), my mom has been saying goodbye to me for 28 years now and she still hasn’t gotten used to it.  I doubt your mom will be any different.”

My plan is to sit so closely to Him and His Word during this next year, that while the season will become one of the empty nest.. my heart will be firm on top of the only Foundation that will be able to stand up under the heart break.  I am looking forward to sharing the funny stories and the amazing lessons of letting go of my chickadees with grace, mercy and expectancy.  I hope you stick around!

Along for the celebration today is my friend Myra from My Blessed Life!

Isn’t she gorgeous?  I know!  But what is even more gorgeous about her is her heart.. no joke.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her in real life and getting to spend a great night with her and Aubrey from Little Bits of Life .  We had a blast eating and window shopping and indulging in the Maggie Moo’s.  Squirrel.  I can’t help it.  It was a great evening and I miss them.  ANYWHO!

Myra is joining me in the festivities by giving away a $15.00 gift certificate to her sister Kelly’s boutique on Etsy!

Look at this sweetness!!
KJB Collage

Too much fun to pass up!

Here are some ways that you can check out Kelly Joy’s Boutique and celebrate with us!  Etsy shop, Kelly Joy Boutique on Facebook and you can follow her on the Twitter!

I’ll announce the winner bright and early tomorrow morning!  All you have to do is leave me a comment and answer this question:  What is God teaching you in your current season about raising your children?

I dare you to make me laugh!

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  1. Am so glad to know they are sisters!! Thanks for connecting the dots for me! They are both adorable!!

    God is MOST DEFINITELY teaching me that it's all about the attitude in raising my children. I could have the EXACT same day (not that it ever happens) and could respond to it one way or the other. And the way I respond to it determines the WHOLE tone of the house. It's not "if mama ain't happy, ain't noboddy happy". It's "if mama ain't godly, ain't nobody happy"- or most likely godly, too!

  2. God is teaching me to release my talons and trust that what we have already instilled in our children will be enough to help them make good decisions and land on their feet when I can't fix things and they are forced to learn the hardest of lessons- "life isn't fair". We've had a tough couple of weeks struggling with a failed audition (for which we had spent ALL summer preparing), a biology text/teacher straight from the pits of Hades, and an almost continuous loss of recess because of a genetic predisposition for the gift of gab. While the kids have taken it all in stride, I have spent several days alternating between tears, prayer, and anger towards these adults who have simultaneously raised the bar, challenged and disciplined my children. Just when I find myself mad enough to go into battle, my kids bounce happily down the stairs singing U2's "Beautiful Day" and I realize that they have already let it go and are waking up expecting a more beautiful day. God's grace is powerful stuff. Daily, I am being taught by my children how to open myself up to it and keep moving on.

    1. Bonnie… honey, it felt like I was in your house reading this. Aren't our kids amazing with how they teach us about grace and forgiveness? What a joy. Here's to staying open and doing the next thing. I love ya!

  3. I'm learning that sometimes when you expect Fall, you get Spring!
    You don't get to pick your season.
    I was well on the way to planning how to feather an empty nest with one son gone and the other a junior in high school. SURPRISE! Number one son returns home with a daughter-in-law and grand-girl. And I'm back to having a house-full.
    And I'm stepping over Barbies, and negotiating grandma names, and talking about what kind of color light did you have at school today, and looking at beautiful girl child who has smeared lipstick in her eyebrows. She's asking me 'how do I look Ya-Ya?' The answer that I can not, must NOT say out loud, is demented.
    I was expecting Fall, thinking that this part of my life was winding down and turning brown. I expected to be working on gently letting go of those leaves.
    Wrong. It's Spring. You don't get to pick your season.
    And Spring is good.

    1. And that my friend, is the beauty of being changed by unexpected yet glorious seasons! You are a fabulous Ya-Ya and I'm sure your response to the smeared lipstick eyebrows made her day.

  4. Oh goodness, sweets… this made me cry. Just imagining my little men going of to college breaks my heart. But, think of that young man of yours, and all the training you put into him… now he gets to use it! At least, that's what I tell myself when I think ahead to those years, heh.

    Love you MUCH and your new space here is made of WIN!

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