Why is it so hard to be real about our walk?

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You thought I was going to talk about running didn’t you?  That’s tomorrow.

I’ve been wondering why it’s so hard to talk about our walk.  Not our faith.  It’s easy for most people to talk about their faith.  What they believe and why they believe.  Don’t you think so?

I believe it is much harder for us to be real about our walk.  Harder for us to be real about where He has us headed.  Harder for us to be real about where He has rescued us from.  Harder for us to be real with one another about questions.  Harder for us to be real about grief and trials.

And quite frankly… I’m tired of it.  Tired of the church lady faces and the smiles and nods and the constant “acting like we are fine” when we aren’t,  just to save face.  Things may be fine in the scheme of things and in some situations it’s not okay to just dump everything out there… how hard would it be to have an intimate conversation with a friend in the middle of a crowd of 80 celebrating said friends parent’s 75th wedding anniversary?  Awkward.

But some days, we aren’t fine.  The state of our hearts aren’t fine.  Our motives are not fine.  Our attitudes aren’t fine.  So why, then, is it okay to say we are fine?  Who are we hiding from?  Certainly, not God.  You know that whole Omnipresent thing He’s got going on… kinda dumb to even pretend that you are, I am, hiding anything from Him.

I do believe that it’s okay not to burden EVERY person at work with how you are really feeling.. every moment.  I do believe that you should have one or two people you work with, do life with, who you can be real with.  It goes back to the be known and to know thing I mentioned Tuesday.  It’s important.  God desires for us to be in fellowship with one another.  He desires for us be in community with one another.  We were created for fellowship with Him.

We were also created for walking our faith out alongside our brothers and sisters.  Without judgment.  Without pretense.  Without prejudice.

In the coming weeks, I really want to share my story with you and encourage you to share yours.  We’ll dig deeper into why it’s so hard to be real about our walk.

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All you have to do to win a chance at the nest re-launch give-away from Hillary is comment and answer this question:  What makes it so hard to be real about your walk?

Let’s do this thing chicks.

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  1. I have been praying about this lately! Praying that God would send me someone that I could be real with. It is hard to go to church on Sundays with my smile, even if I am not "fine". I think we've been trained to be "perfect" on the outside. I would love to have someone I can be real with, and not just fine.

    1. Praying that request over you Amy! I think we all look perfect on the outside.. it's the motives of our hearts and what He's teaching us that forms our stories. So glad you stopped by today.

  2. Oh this has been something God has been teaching me a lot about lately. I actually wrote a post a couple of weeks ago ( http://www.ordinarilyextraordinary.com/2010/08/ca… ) about it also and have another one I began yesterday. For me I think it's FEAR. Fear that someone will realize I don't have it all together. Fear that someone will start ugly rumors. And fear about a myriad of other things as well. Thankfully I have a few friends I can be completely honest and real with, but it's hard to do that with most people these days.

    1. Amy.. you know where fear comes from, right? Well.. he's just a big ole' jerk. I think we all need to be confident in who we are in Christ and trust that being authentic and honest with one another will go a really long way in living out our walk with Him. Praying that you walk confidently in who you are in Christ rather than who others expect you to be… you are so precious.

  3. Sometimes I think it’s hard to talk about my walk because I am so worried I’m not living up to someone else’s expectations of me. What if I’m really real, and then they’re disappointed or disillusioned?

    1. Sweet girl!! Who cares? (I know.. you do.. cause you are so sweet) What if you bless someone else in your life by honestly sharing and being real? What if you encourage them in the process? I think ALOT of times, I forget that being honest with others about my walk builds them up. Besides.. you are the APPLE of His eye. He's Who matters most. Love you.

  4. I believe the hardest thing about being real is risking rejection. I want people to like me and when they don't it hurts. I spent a good bit of my life working to insure everyone would like me — this is like juggling flaming jello… just IMPOSSIBLE. It can't happen. Finally I let it all fall and looked to the Lord. I learned I can't change people's opinions or perspectives — but I can change how I respond to them. Now, I'm just me with all my faults, warts and issues. Just a girl in love with her God.

    1. A to the men sister Mary! I love the picture.. flaming jello! 🙂 It is impossible and I, for one, am glad that you let it all fall and fell in love with Him. Faults, warts, issues… they are all good as long as we are counting on the only Physician and Counselor that can make a difference. You are a beautiful mess.

  5. I soooo wish I had someone (local) I could be completely real with. I have some I can be semi real with … but, is that really real? Sadly, I can be "real-er" with far away friends – even friends I have barely met IRL – than I can with some of the people I see on a weekly basis.

    And that stinks.

    1. Girl… why do we do that to ourselves? I don't understand it. Praying for someone you can be real with in real life. In the mean time… I've got your back.

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