The winners of yesterday’s give-away, yes winners… three! Are Becky Jo, Angela and Sooz!  Congrats girls!

Started the morning off with waking the girls.  They were taking the ACT this morning.  I was headed out for a 13 mile run.   It was really early and things didn’t start perfectly getting everyone going.  But it ended with kisses, hugs and the promise to pray over them as I ran.

The meaning of this day never escapes me.  I was on my Walk to Emmaus in Gallant, Alabama at Camp Sumatanga.  It was a time truly set apart from this world.  No phones, no computers, no tv’s.  Nothing that would connect us to the world for 72 hours except for the wonderful people serving us in His name.

We were informed by our Spiritual Director after the events of the morning had passed.  We had several women attending that had children in the military.  We had several women attending that had husbands, brothers, fathers in the military.  We had a few women attending that had family working in the areas affected by the un-speakable tragedies.  We were allowed to call home.  But miraculously, not a single woman left.  We spent 72 hours seeking God on Holy ground.  We learned a lot, revealed a lot, prayed a lot.  We were exactly where He needed us to be.  We left that Holy place better equipped to serve Him.  Better equipped to handle the changed world we were going back to.

It was hard.  I had just experienced one of the Holiest times of my life.  I can’t remember feeling closer to God than during that 72 hours.  But we had to go home.  Back home to a place that was forever changed.

Everyone was grieving.  Everyone was scared.  I was rejoicing in my soul.  He had rescued me again.  The same way He was rescuing our nation in the days after the horrific acts against our nation.

I’ll be sharing my story in the weeks ahead, but suffice it to say this…. my life has been about grief.  While I don’t know the suffering that millions encountered, I do know the sadness of grief and mourning.

I also know the Mighty One who turns mourning into joy.

Praying that you know Him too and that you are choosing grace and kindness as you remember all those who lost their lives on September, 11, 2001.  I am grateful for all the men and women who have and continue to serve and protect our freedom.

Please meet Lindsey Cheney…(she’s on the right of Amber from TheRunamuck) she’s wonderful.

I saw her creativity and preciousness at (In)courage.  Then I got to meet her at Blissdom 2010 after I started following her on Twitter.

Her shop is amazing and she has graciously given me a $25.00 gift certificate to share with you!  Towards anything in her shop.  It’s going to be hard for you to decide.  I promise… look

It’s going to be really hard to choose!  I’m going to leave this post up until Monday.. give you plenty of time to comment this weekend.

Share with me how you are remembering and sharing His grace this weekend. I’ll pick a winner on Monday morning.

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  1. I was working in the ICU on this day in 2001, when I watched the WHOLE thing unfold on one of my patient's TVs. I had a 2 yr old and a 2 month old at home and I was in disbelief of the day's events. 9/11 is frequently on my mind as my little brother serves in the Navy and travels all over the world. I am so thankful for those who have lost their lives and sacrifice their lives for my freedom.

  2. I was (ashamedly) watching a VCR'd episode of Days of Our Lives while I got ready for work. For some reason I turned it off early and immediately saw the first tower with smoke billowing from it. I assumed it was a commercial or preview of some new movie, then realized it was real, it was live and it was the news. At first they were talking about the "accident" that had just occured. I could not look away as, right before my eyes, the second plane came out of nowhere and hit the second tower. My heart sank as I realized this was no accident. We were under attack. My heart fell to my stomach and I fell to my knees. This was NOT supposed to happen here .. not to us. All I knew to do was to turn to Him.

    And, all these years later, the thought of it all STILL brings me to my knees … because that is STILL the only place I know to go – HIS throne.

  3. I'm remembering His grace to me because I was a brand new college freshman 7 hours away from home when I heard about the 1st tower crash. Then I watched live as the 2nd plane hit. I was afraid…so very afraid. Yet, I felt at peace…God's peace is truly above understanding.

    Today, I look back on those days and God's grace is unmistakable. He is always faithful, always loving and always full of peace and grace.

    I adore Lindsey! 🙂

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