she’s small, she’s mighty and she’s my angel

I haven’t talked about her too much.  She’s humble. She’s fierce and passionate.  She’s got an amazing way about her.  She has a way of pushing me to stretch myself physically.  She’s my Pilates angel.  She’s my drill sergeant (in a good way).

Back when I was in the thick of training for the 1/2 marathon, a friend told me about a great new Pilates studio in town.  I only knew of one….and I had been a client previously and didn’t feel the push to go back.  But a new studio with female instructors, that I could totally get hooked on.  And besides, it was right behind the Starbucks.  Good mojo.

I went in for a consult, she took me through the motions and I was hooked.  What I was looking for was strength building without the free weights.  Can I just say this?  Pilates is NOT for the faint of heart.  Let me repeat.  Pilates is NOT for the faint of heart.  (disclaimer:  Pilates is for lots of people with all sorts health conditions.  These ladies work diligently to make everyone stronger and healthier, but you will work just as diligently)

I am a linebacker.  I’m a tall, broad shouldered, strong chick.  I don’t need bulk.  I have enough of my own. I promise.

Amy has taken me from not being able to recognize any abdominal muscles at all, to recognizing when I am not in neutral and when I need to let go and lengthen.  It’s become automatic. And… I have abs.  Not washboard mind you, but they are there.

She’s my angel.  She runs with me. (not really, but in my head) I can literally hear her tell me how to plant my feet, how to relax and pull back my shoulders and just fall into the run.  She reminds me when I need to relax and reminds me that I need to lengthen when I run.  She’s made many, many physical goals possible.

The best part?  She’s become a dear friend.  I know she is praying for me.  She’s emailed and texted me after long distance training runs to check on me.  She was thinking and praying for me during my 1/2 and most importantly.. she’s building the right kind of confidence in me.  He can do anything through me if I just let Him.

I’m incredibly grateful to my friend, Connie who told me all about the studio.  I’m even more grateful to God for Amy.  He’s used her in a might way in my life.  This road is not for the faint hearted.  This road of following hard after Him.  But his small, mighty and fierce earthly angel, Amy has made this chick’s road healthier and stronger.

I am eternally grateful.

Who do you have in your life that strengthens you and holds you accountable?

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  1. ah…very cool!
    I too, know this 'angel' and love and admire her.
    Great stuff, Dedra. I am proud of you and of her.
    It is what she evisioned for her 'business'.

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