the places that have made my heart sing ….

Still many changes happening within and on the outside….

wanted to share the places with you today and pray that they bless your heart.

Grace filled words that flow freely: A Holy Experience: Welcoming the light within

A reminder of the blessing of sweet friendships .

My favorite landing spot for (in)courage ment

Standing in the breeze and taking in the precious moments of life: Sweet memories

The continued call to simple online living: The Simple Blogging E-book

Mary DeMuth, enough said.

Birthday love that included running, the college man home, phone calls and Skype video calls and

love via the FB/twitter and in packages

Making sure they do not forget that we love them: Christmas for Blas and Ilakiya

The love of Big Mama

The laughter over the love of candy corn, movies not watched, granny running pains, college searchin’,  getting older eyes.

The honor of praying for friends overwhelmed, hurting, burdened, diagnosed with Cancer and one sweet one ushered home yesterday.

What has your heart been focused on this week?

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  1. Sorry I didn't know about your birthday, but whenever it was – Happy Birthday! So sorry you won't be with us next weekend. I was so looking forward to that!

    1. Thanks girl! I was so looking forward to it too! God had other plans and I am trying hard to stay surrendered to Him. Please know that I will be praying for you and the entire team! Go sprinkle some Jesus for me!

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