the best gifts don’t cost you a dime..

I have kiddos.  Three of them.  The man is at Auburn at the end of his first semester as a Freshman.  He loves it.

Two of them are at the end of their high school experience.  Yep, they are seniors.  They are young women who are beginning to experience their “first lasts”.

It’s hard, bittersweet, fun, exciting and heartbreaking all at the same time.

During this month of the 30 Day Giving Challenge, I’m trying hard to challenge myself to give beyond what I normally do.  Give beyond my comfort zone.  Give sacrificially.  Over and over though, He keeps giving back to me.

Last night was our first HS football playoff game.  It was supposed to be the first of several.  It was not.

As the band made their way back to school from the stadium, I got this phone call.  Not a phone call from my child, but another one of my kiddos I have helped raise (it takes a village people) since first grade.  “Ms. D, can we all come back to your house and have hot chocolate?”

Yes, darlin’.  Yes you can.

And they did and stayed for hours.  And they cried and were sad and were disappointed.  And then we laughed.

And planned a party here next Friday.

Cause the best gifts don’t cost you a dime.

What gifts of time or hospitality have you gone out of your comfort zone to provide?

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  1. LOVED the video … but then that last moment just broke my stinkin heart! You are the best mama ever. Love yoU!

  2. I'm just reading this, Dedra, but it reminded me of something. My parent's house was the 'safe-haven' for a lot of my friends growing up. My senior year, my parents opened their home to all my friends – morning after prom breakfast, hang outs, etc. and I realize what a GIFT they were giving me. Keep it up! You are blessing your children.

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