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Disclaimer: He very much dislikes the label “special needs”.  We respect it.  We honor it.  For other severe disabilities.  For other kiddos/adults.  You see, in our house, we all have special needs and we think other people do too.

He was not my first pregnancy, but was my first child carried to term.  I’d gone through four other miscarriages/ectopic pregnancies so when we got past the first trimester I thought it was a home run.  Labor was induced and my body didn’t like it AT ALL.  Griffin was born via emergency c-section weighing in at 9 lbs 8 oz and measured 21.5″.   It was one of the best days of my life.

Our first year and a half was great.  I didn’t notice anything odd.  He spoke in simple phrases on schedule, was walking pretty much on time.  Dr. visits were predictable and uneventful.  He was a happy, sweet kid.  I didn’t notice any of the signs.  My twins (yes, you read that correctly) were born one month before Griffin turned two.  In the fall of that year he started a mother’s day out program at a local church twice a week and his disposition changed pretty quickly.

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