deeper still recap.. part Kay Arthur

It’s been a week.

One week ago today, I was waking up in a hotel room in Birmingham with my sweet twin daughters with a HUGE expectancy.

I couldn’t wait to hear from Him.  I was ready and positioned to hear from Him. I couldn’t wait to stand next to my sweet girls and take it all in.

He not only delivered.. I do believe He brought it with a “Bam” (in the words of Emeril) through Kay Arthur.  If you haven’t ever heard of her (please tell me you have), she’s one of the wisest, kindest and real 77 year old deals out there.  Oh, to have a legacy of faith like Mrs. Arthur.  Her studies rock. Her faith is beyond, beyond.

Kay Arthur – Deeper Still Birmingham from Kris Seidenkranz on Vimeo.

Here’s a taste of what she brought home… (the entire book of Matthew in 1.5 hours… oh YES she did!)

4 Critical truths we need to know today to face the future with confidence:

  1. Who is Christ and what is His call? (Matthew 1) – Do you and I really know who Jesus is?
  2. The cost of the Cross. – (Matthew 3) Do we understand what it costs to follow Jesus?
  3. The gain or the loss in our lives, in our relationships with Jesus. (Matthew 10)
  4. The Commission. – What has He called me to do?  Do I understand it? (Matthew 28)

Here are just a few (i know it’s long.. but really, it’s just a few) of her statements that I can’t let go of:

  • No matter the cost, I have to obey Him.
  • Am I living for myself, truly?  Am I living without a relationship with God?
  • I’ve got to really examine my life, get things in order.  Am I living for Him?  Totally and absolutely living the way HE says to live?
  • DO I even know what that means?  Living the way HE says to live?
  • What’s going on in my life that needs to change? Time, money, wife, mother?  What am I doing?  Examine my lifestyle in preparation to meet Jesus.
  • I need to have a change of mind about who Jesus is.  He’s not someone or something to add to my life like salt and pepper.
  • I am commissioned to Kingdom work.
  • True repentance means He becomes my LIFE.
  • How much stuff do I have?  Where is my treasure?  Repent, have a change of mind.  Allow Jesus to show you what is really important.
  • Am I willing to be hated for the sake of Jesus Christ?
  • A disciple is a person who makes Jesus their #1 priority.
  • Deny yourself, your desires, wants.  Whatever you have for me, that’s what I want Father!  Surrender without hesitation to Him!
  • Take up His Cross.
  • I will have to give an account for the deeds done in my body.  He will one day judge what I have done with my treasure, talent and time.
  • God gave us 66 books.  Everyone one of them.  Do I know all 66 books or do other things/books fill my time or take priority?
  • Have I really denied myself anything?  Have I really taken up His cross and followed?
  • When I embrace the culture over the Word of God, I have bowed down to the culture.

Still reeling from His message to me through the book of Matthew and Kay Arthur.  It’s a good reeling.

Is there is anything/anyone more important in my life?  Nothing more important than God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and His Word?  Nothing?

Honestly.. I’m still asking all these questions and checking myself once again. It’s a message that has to percolate.

And I wouldn’t mind rocking a pair of skinny jeans and a bomber jacket at 77 years old as I quoted scripture so rapidly that youngsters can’t even keep up.

DeeperStill – Birmingham AL from Rich Kalonick on Vimeo.

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  1. Indeed, her message from God was wonderful! I am so thankful I got to share this weekend with you, your sweet girls, and all the other new friends I got to meet!

  2. I thought she was wonderful also…however, for me it was really Priscilla and Beth that gave me the word this weekend. I am equipped with my quivers and am looking for the treasures instead of the obstacles. 🙂 God is so good he brings exactly what you need at the perfect time!

  3. It was a very deep and meaningful weekend. I've just been praying for God to reveal to me all that is possible through hearing these Godly women speak!

    1. Praying the same over you friend. Thank you for sharing the weekend with us. You and Bev will always have a piece of my heart. God is well pleased with you both! I am sure OF IT!

  4. This is amazing. Thanks you so much for taking the time to outline all of it for those of us that could not be there can feast from it. I feel like you gave me a full serving of meat. Asking God now to help me digest it, make me stronger, and wiser. Bless you Dedra.

    1. Tami – If you feel like you got a full serving of meat than we got three full servings. It was jam packed with wisdom and Word. Blessed by you.

  5. I just started Precept study this summer and it has ROCKED my world. I have learned SO much and can't wait to learn more! WISH I could have been there too!

    1. Karen, I was moved to start a Precept study as well! I am doing an online one right now and plan to start with her in Chattanooga on Jan 11th. Did you learn it through a Precept leader or on your own? Waiting patiently for Jan. and praying, PRAYING, that it will open my eyes as well!! Thanks for sharing!

      1. I did my first one with a friend who has worked through many of them. That was most helpful. I have since continued on my own….borrowing dvds….and now being able to download the lectures in MP3 format to my ipod. I have learned SOOOOO much! I recently attended a seminar in Chatt on how the bible all fits together. It was very eye opening! Praying that God will open up HIS Word to you in amazing ways!

  6. This is an excellent recap. Like you, I'm still reeling, and it is the good kind. The GOD kind.
    I took so many notes in all three of the sessions but this first night I was writing on any blank space available. Even more importantly God was speaking so loud and clear through Kay that it was written on my heart–like an etching. Kind of painful at times but so spiritually profound and profitable.
    Thank you for sharing this. It encourages me, despite the continued digesting, to go ahead and do some kind of recap of what I initially took away from those meetings. There was so much MEAT it's been hard to know where to begin.
    Thanks, Dedra!

    1. LOVE that!! " There was so much MEAT it's been hard to know where to begin." Praising Him for writing it on your heart!

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