Update on Joanne:

News from Toben via The Simple Wife tonight.  Just precious.  Please go read it and pray over them.  I’m so grateful.

Joanne’s husband Toben updated Joanne’s blog last night with the latest.  Please visit The Simple Wife and join with us in claiming Psalm 46 over her.  I am sending the link to this blog to Joanne’s friend Jana to print out your prayers over her.  Comments will remain open for as long as it takes. Please keep praying!!

Joanne is in ICU.  The next 24-48 hours are critical.  Bleeding and swelling are of concern.  She has not woken up yet nor has she responded with her left side.  SHE IS responding with her right hand, squeezing it when family/friends are praying over her and singing to her.  Please continue to keep her in your prayers.  Her entire family is reading blogs and facebook updates and sharing them with her.  Your prayers are making a difference!!!

Joanne is in surgery right now. There is a blood clot in her brain. Pray for the next few hours for Dr. Nichols who is doing the procedure. It may be several hours before we know anything more. She is still not completely responsive, groaning, etc.

In the ambulance she was paralyzed on one side of her body. We do not know if that is still the case.

Pray for her life. Pray for complete healing and restoration in her body. Pray for her family. Pray for the doctor and those attending her.

sweet friends… I am asking you to join me in prayer today for my sweet friend Joanne Heim

got word through Holly and Rachel that:

This morning (just moments ago), Joanne’s daughter found her in the basement of her house unresponsive. It looks like she was running on the treadmill and may have had some attack. She was moving in seizure style, breathing irregularly and not responsive to Emma. Ambulance was called. Toben is with her at Littleton Hospital. Joanne’s mom is with the girls at home.

Please pray for protection, healing, wisdom/discernment for the doctors, calm and peace for the family.


It has been confirmed that Joanne has had a stroke. She is currently having a cat scan done. No other details. Please continue to pray for our dear friend.

Please pray for Joanne, Toben, Audrey & Emma and Joanne’s extended family.  I have said it before, but it is worth repeating.. I treasure her and her friendship.

Feel free to leave your prayers for Joanne in the comment section.  God bless you.

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  1. Father God. I lift our dear sweet Joanne up to you. We love her. But You love her more. I am clinging to that. And to You. I pray Your Glory is revealed through this time. I pray Your Power is exerted in healing her. Thank You, Lord, for this incredible community of women You have woven together for just a time as this. In the precious and mighty Name of Jesus, Amen.

  2. Lord — I hold up my sister, Joanne, to You. Lord, You are the great I AM. Lord, I know You love Joanne far greater than anyone of us could. Lord, I just ask that You hold her family close. Pour Your peace over them. Send them angels in the form of friends who will handle all the details of life and allow them to focus on Joanne and taking care of her. Lord, give them supernatural peace and strength to walk this path. Lord, I ask that you pour Your sweet grace over Joanne. Give Dr. Nichols the wisdom he will need to make the right decisions for her. Give him the stamina to endure this surgery — give him a clear mind and steady hand.

    1. Precious Lord & Savior — I come to you boldly to the throne of your glory and will stay here to receive the answered prayers of YOUR MERCY and HEALING POWERS WITH GRACE AND GLORY all over the body of our precious sister in Christ, Joanne. In your Precious and mighty name, AMEN AND AMEN!!!!!

  3. Oh NO!!! I am so sad to learn of this news! I am praying for Joanne

    I have been blessed to meet her on many occasions and she is such

    a wonderful person.

    Please keep us updated!

  4. Praying hard – Lord bring Your healing near and make her whole again. You are bigger than this and can heal completely. Show Yourself Mighty Lord! Bring Your peace to Toben and Audrey & Emma – Bless Emma's sweet heart. Lord bring the peace that passes understanding and make Yourself known.

  5. I saw this earlier on my phone and wanted you to know that I am standing with you in prayer. Lean in to Him and know that He as work – even when we don't think we can see Him.

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